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Decorating with Rugs: The Final Step to Giving Your Place a Finished Look


Although not considered an essential, rugs have always been an elements of home decor that can pull the whole look together, add warmth and floor protection, bring a finishing touch to a place or add a more playful/calming vibe, depending on one’s preference.

It all started many centuries ago when the people from Nomadic tribes began knotting wool into heavy woolen cloth. These heavy clothes that once provided protection from the elements were eventually developed into rugs. Over time, making rugs changed from a necessity to a fine form of art – just look at any handmade oriental rug and hoe captivating their uniqueness and beauty is. Over time, all wealthy and famous, but also those of more modest means had began to implement rugs as important showpieces of their homes.


Fast forward to today, certain things have changed over time style-wise and these days we can come across many rugs than are still hand made but often utilise clean lines and lean more towards simplicity, free form, geometric and abstract styles. But this modern tendency of reducing things to minimalism has its own undeniable beauty – modern designer rugs can be still praised for their artistic value and make for a wonderful addition to your room.

There’s no denying that modern designer rugs can bring a more casual tone to a space. But what can this mean is that rather than tying a room to a particular context with vivid rugs, modern ones with sleek and subtle design and muted tones can easily match whatever the design scheme in your room might be. From simple, yet timeless stripes to sophisticated geometric shapes, you can find plenty of modern designs to choose from.


There are many ways you can introduce rugs into your room for the purpose of giving it a nice finished touch. Modern fluffy rugs in neutral colours can work harmoniously together and be placed to differentiate one area from another, like the living room from the dining space. If you happen to have a low-pile carpet, layering rugs on top can add some colour or texture to your scheme.

On a final note, rather than merely used as a finishing touch, you can hang that rug you already have or think about buying, on a wall to create a focal point. So, instead solely on the floor, rugs can be also placed on the wall and become a room’s centrepiece.