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Steps To Follow When Installing Carpet Underlay

Tired of paying high heating bills? Wonder how you can keep your house warm this winter in the most cost-efficient way? Well, we have the right solution for you – Carpet Underlay! By laying carpet underlay your carpet will be soft and comfortable that you would rather lay on it while watching TV. The carpet underlay creates a smooth and solid foundation for any type of finishing flooring. And it prolongs the life span of your beautiful carpet. Many homeowners prefer and suggest laying carpet underlay, because the underlays offer excellent heat insulation.

Laying carpet underlay underneath your carpet gives you a lot of benefits. No more draft, no more noisy neighbors! Now, your carpet will have a softer feel. And, it’s pretty easy to install. You don’t have to hire someone to do the installation for you. You can place the underlay all by yourself, saving in this way money. All that you need to do is to follow the following simple steps:

Laying Carpet Underlay

Step 1 – Before you start doing anything, prepare the surface where you plan to put the carpet underlay. Clean your your floor by using a vacuum cleaner. It’s recommended to check your floor surface for any screws, nails, holes or any other surface defects. If there are any surface defects, try to cover or repair them before you proceed laying the carpet underlay.

Step 2 – Size matters right? Therefore, make sure you measure the room properly so you don’t get short. It’s better to leave at least 20 centimeters extra on each side, just to make sure you can cover the whole surface. You can always cut the excess later on.

Step 3 – Once you clean the surface and measure the exact size, it’s time to place the underlay from one end to another. You must be careful when laying carpet underlay. Push the sheet tightly against the wall and cut the extra underlay by using a sharp cutting tool.

Step 4 – Next, fix the underlay to the floor by using a staple gun. You can even add screws on every 10 to 15 centimeters. Laying carpet underlay is not a time consuming process. In just 1 or 2 hours you will finish the whole job. If you are using a rubber underlay, then all you’ll have to do is cut out the exact size. Some underlays come in sheets, and you need to attach one sheet to another.

Step 5 – Finally, you are getting to the end. Take a razor knife and remove the excess underlay around the corners, vents and other obstructions that you have in your room. And there you go! You have a reliable and strong foundation for your beautiful carpet.