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Steps to Turning Your Backyard Into a Party-Hosting Space

Having an outdoor space is a terrific asset, whether it’s a small patio or a vast, spacious yard. If you enjoy having a lot of guests and parties over, your garden is a terrific place to host them. Decorating your backyard for summer gatherings has numerous advantages, the most important of which is the lovely end result where you are having the best time with the ones you care about.

Start with Designing a Seating/Dining Area

Seating is one of the first items you should invest in when decorating and furnishing your backyard, especially if you plan on having parties. However, seating is not as straightforward in outdoor living spaces as it is in your home. On top of aesthetic value, you must consider material and longevity against the elements. Most patio furniture will be made of wood, wicker, plastic, or another water-resistant material, with replaceable cushions that will not get mildew if they get wet.

A dining area with a sturdy outdoor 8 seater wooden dining table to accommodate more people over tasty meals, or at the absolute least a spot where visitors can easily gather, eat, speak, and enjoy themselves, is another must-have piece of furniture for your outdoor party space. If you have a small amount of room, you can integrate the dining and seating sections into one. If you have a large backyard with plenty of space to play with, you can experiment with separate sitting and dining areas.

Larger seating options, such as couches and sectionals, offer a greater sitting room in a more compact package, whereas individual chairs are more customisable. Modular furniture, which can be configured to look like one sectional, or broken apart for various separate seating options, is a great option in the middle of these two.

8 seater outdoor dining teak table for backyard
source: farawayfurniture.com

A Beautiful Fire Pit is Another Must-Have

When designing your backyard entertainment space, start with functional furniture and objects such as seating and dining, like fitting in a roomy 8 seater wooden dining table with matching wooden chairs.

To freshen it up, you’ll also need ornamental and recreational stuff. A fire pit is one addition that combines all three. A fire pit is a terrific addition to your backyard, whether you use it to warm up your backyard on a cool evening, toast marshmallows or hot dogs with friends and family, or simply add a visual fascination.

There are numerous advantages to having a fire pit outside. Entertaining your guests does not have to be limited to warm weather – a fire pit lets you and your guests to snuggle up with blankets in front of a crackling fire while still taking in the scenery. There are fire pit options for every decorative style, including tables with built-in fires (real or fake), in-ground fire pits, big stone constructions, and more.

Consider Installing a Koi Pond (It’s Worth It!)

Once you’ve taken care of all the greenery and trees in your backyard, a typical piece of advice when decorating the interior of your home, especially if you have numerous guests, is to include a conversation piece. The same approach applies to your home’s exterior, but it may be more difficult to execute. Installing and maintaining a koi pond is a terrific way to add atmosphere and beauty to your backyard party space.

A lesser known fact is that keeping koi ponds became popular in Japan in the 17th century and in North America and Europe in the 20th century. Koi ponds not only provide serenity and aesthetic value to the yards in which they are located but they are also excellent stress relievers. You’d be glad to know they’re very low maintenance too and add to the overall value of your property.

What’s a Backyard Party Without an Outdoor Bar?

Preparing the food and drinks is one of the most enjoyable but also challenging aspects of throwing a party. Making a drink platter can be incredibly fulfilling, but after each visitor has had their fill, it can get tedious to continually run back inside to prepare new ones, for both you and your guests. Create a bar area close by to your 8 seater wood table set to allow your visitors to quickly prepare their own drinks.

8 seater wooden table for perfect outdoor dining
source: farawayfurniture.com

Creating an outdoor bar does not have to be a major undertaking, but there are a few things to consider when creating one. One of these factors is the size you desire. Be careful with the calculating of how many seats you need, as this will help you determine how long it should be. In terms of height, bar stools typically range from 90 to 120cm. You must also consider storage and preparation areas. Other factors like material, and aesthetics, are dependent on your budget and preferences. Consider installing a sink, mini-fridge, or ice machine if you want to get professional!

Create a Movie-Watching Area

Having your friends over for a movie night is usually a good time, so why not turn your backyard into a dedicated screening area for everyone to enjoy? While television can be used outside, adding a huge projector gives a more intimate, homey, nostalgic vibe that television simply cannot equal. To begin, determine how much of your backyard you are willing to devote to a screening area.

According to experts, regardless of the size of the projector, you should have at least the same amount of viewing distance. There are many wonderful high-definition projectors with great sound systems on the market, but if you’re on a tight budget, a simple white sheet tacked between some trees or on a laundry line with a Bluetooth speaker should suffice. Enjoy your favourite movies with your favourite people by adding blankets, pillows, and ambient lighting.