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Step Outside: How to Create an Idyllic Outdoor Retreat for Get-Togethers

Are you someone who loves inviting friends over, or organising get-togethers with family? Do you need more relaxation in your life? Do you like to spend time in your garden? Do you enjoy luxury? If your answer to any or all of these questions is “yes”, then it may be the right time for a big but valuable backyard project. 

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Homeowners around the world choose many different ways to use their outdoor areas. Some like planting, others create a sitting area with lovely outdoor furniture, and some go a little bit further and create a true outdoor retreat for their family and friends. Making your garden a place where people can enjoy themselves in a luxurious and stress-melting manner is extremely valuable. Obviously, whether you decide to make a fancy outdoor kitchen, install a spa, create a play area or build a bar, you will boost the style of your home and increase the resale value. And any project like this will not only have a positive impact on your social and home life but also on your mental and physical health.

An Outdoor Kitchen

The reason why building an outdoor kitchen is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to creating a sanctuary in your backyard, is that sharing a meal is a lovely way to bring people closer. And even though this is rarely really about the food itself, but rather about the conversations, connections and relationships that happen around the table, an outdoor kitchen in your backyard can take that to a whole new level.

Naturally, having an outdoor kitchen comes with a lot of other benefits for you and your family, as well as your social life. For instance, even though a simple grill and a few barbeque accessories can give you the opportunity to cook for family and friends and invite them over for an outdoor party, with a whole alfresco kitchen, things will get much simpler. You can have a built-in BBQ, you can install a pizza oven, and so on. In other words, your kitchen can have anything you want to use. 

An Outdoor Kitchen
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An outdoor kitchen can be big or small, it can be simple, or very elaborate. All of that is entirely up to you. The important thing is to create something that will look good in your garden, bringing in more style, and making it as convenient as possible. For instance, if you like to grill, you can get a built-in barbeque. Moreover, you can install an outdoor kitchen sink, add a cabinet to keep every barbeque accessory you need, as well as cabinets for plates, pans, utensils, glasses, etc. that you will use outside. 

Instead of cooking inside, or grilling outside but then bringing everything you need, like plates, utensils, glasses, etc. from your indoor kitchen, this way you can have all of those things right there. So, if you want to grill instead of going to the garage, the shed, the basement or anywhere, you will have the barbeque right there, and you cansimply reach for the barbeque accessory you need, instead of losing time looking for it. 

Moreover, you can also add a pizza oven or some other outdoor cooking appliances. You can have plates, pans, glasses and utensils right there, and more importantly, you can wash them in your outdoor kitchen sink, instead of taking the dirty plates inside, spilling things on the floor, and creating a mess in your indoor kitchen. 

An Outdoor Bar

If you want an entertainment area that’s a little less serious, but still fun, instead of building an entire outdoor kitchen, you can go for something smaller, like an outdoor bar. This can be far easier to do, and you will also need less space for it. You can get a bar setting with stools, simple garden chairs and tables or any other type of outdoor furniture that you like, you can create a small cocktail stand, and so on. 

Outdoor Bar
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If you like the idea of having a bar, but you also would like an alfresco kitchen, you can easily combine the two. For instance, you can create a small barbequing area, with some kind of storage for the BBQ accessories, and for the utensils, and a small regular bar or a drop-down bar suspended from the wall.

An Outdoor Hydrotherapy Spa 

If you want your garden to be all about relaxation, instead of loud conversations and food, or you have enough space in your backyard, probably the best way to create an area dedicated to tranquillity and health is to install a hydrotherapy spa bath. Nothing compares to soaking in bubbly hot water when it comes to relaxation and stress relief. 

However, both the buoyancy of the water and the temperature provide many more health benefits. As you immerse yourself in a hot tub, the water reduces your body weight by 90 per cent, which in turn instantly reduces the pressure on your joints and your muscles. This weightlessness we feel when we are soaked in water not only helps us de-stress, unwind and leave our troubles outside of the tub, but it also alleviates all kinds of body aches, and it’s also perfect for recovery after injuries.

Outdoor Hydrotherapy Spa
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Moreover, as warm water, raises your body temperature, it improves your blood circulation, which is crucial for our health. When we have a good blood flow, the cells in our body get the nutrients that they need to heal, regenerate and recover, and our major organs get more oxygen. This is also great for your mental health because the brain needs oxygen to stay healthy and to perform to its full potential. 

Installing a hydrotherapy spa bath is also great for your family and social life. There are many different types of spas to choose from  – for a different number of people, with different sizes and different features. In some, you can only sit soaked in water, and in others, you can even swim. So, if organising luxurious get-togethers from time to time is something that you like, including hydrotherapy in your offers for the guests, is probably the best anyone can do.