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Steel Blue Safety Boots: Durable, Comfortable and Stylish Work Footwear

When it comes to keeping workers’ health and safety, wearing PPE is paramount. Personal protective equipment is designed to protect workers from hazardous situations in their work environment. The main reason why workers need to wear safety shoes instead of regular ones is because they offer utmost protection from any forms of cuts, burns, punctures and heavy impact. Plus, they are specially designed to provide a better grip which is great when walking on uneven and slippery surfaces.

Benefits of Wearing Steel Blue Safety Boots

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The boots are designed to absorb up to twice your body weight, and by wearing the right boots, you should expect less body fatigue and improved productivity. Luckily Steel Blue is a brand of safety shoes that can provide you precisely this. When searching for safety work boots, you can take a look at the quality, safety and comfortable Steel Blue safety boots range.

This brand is the only safety boot manufacturer that is endorsed by APA (the Australian Physiotherapy Association). All of its boots are made with your health in mind, so aside from being lightweight and comfortable, they can also provide you with many other benefits.

Less Shock

Once you start wearing them, you’ll feel less shock force to your feet and even to your knees, hips, and lower back.

Improved Sloe Flexibility

By wearing them, you can experience improved sole flexibility because of the use of premium material.

Less Stress-Related Injuries

Being made from quality, durable, and flexible materials means that your feet will be less exposed to stress-related injuries to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

Increased Productivity

Given the fact that these boots will provide you with greater comfort, your overall well-being will be improved so you can focus more on your job. What makes these boots so special are their materials and used technology.

In fact, the Steel Blue safety shoes are manufactured with a Trisole® Comfort Technology soling system which is meant to cushion the feet and absorb the shock. This technology offers support on the feet from heel to toe, and the polyurethane insole is strong enough to retain its shape and thickness no matter the pressure and shock. The Trisole technology consists of:

  • Premium upper leather with internal linings of exceptional quality.
  • A choice between steel, non-metallic or non-safety cap toe.
  • Antimicrobial inside with flex perforations for greater comfort and breathability.
  • On selected models, there’s also a penetration-resistant midsole.
  • Lightweight and shock-absorbent midsole.
  • Strong and long-wearing thermoplastic polyurethane outsole or one made of heat-resistant nitrile rubber.

Thanks to the Ortho Rebound® Footbed top cover, your feet will stay dry all the time. These boots are made from quality, high-wicking, and super abrasion-resistant materials. With these boots, you’ll no longer have to worry about them developing any odour all thanks to the PORON® cushioning inserts.

Are Steel Blue Boots Australian Made?

Steel Blue is a leading manufacturer of work and safety boots in Australia and many other countries worldwide. Its work boots are produced in both Australia and its dedicated factory in Indonesia.

Popular Steel Blue Boots Models

different models of Steel Blue safety boots
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Steel Blue Mens Argyle Zip Safety Boots

The Argyle Zip is one of the most popular men’s safety boots. It has an industrial-grade side zipper for ease of use. It also includes laces to ensure a more secure and comfortable fit. This type of boot is made from premium water-resistant leather, a heat-resistant TPU outsole up to 130 Celsius degrees, and the patented Trisole Comfort Technology. This boot is mainly popular among plumbers, tilers, dock workers, couriers and warehouse staff.

Steel Blue Mens Southern Cross Zip Safety Boots

With an industrial-grade zipper, this Steel Blue safety boots model is extremely easy to pun on and take off. It features a 200J steel toe cap for ultimate safety and a TPU outsole with heat resistance to 130 Celsius degrees. It also has anti-static properties for further protection against ignition hazards, a low-cut scalloped collar and a scuff cup for ease of movement and long-lasting boot protection.

It’s made from premium quality nubuck leather and, aside from the zipper, it also features lace-up for increased comfort. That being said, this boot is perfect for builders, construction and warehouse workers, fabricators and indoor trades.

Steel Blue Mens Wagga Safety Boots

This hiker-style lace-up type of ankle boot has a padded collar and tongue for increased comfort. The Wagga boot has anti-static properties and it’s made from premium water-resistant leather. It has a PU midsole and an antistatic TPU outsole. It has a steel toe for added safety and is perfect for warehouse workers, road workers, tour operators, etc.

Steel Blue Mens Hobart Boots With Bump Cap

These ankle boots are a bit different in appearance than the aforementioned models. It has elastic-sided pull-ons and no zipper. It’s made from high-quality long-lasting leather, it has a TPU outsole that is heat-resistant to 130 Celsius degrees, a steel toe cap and a bum cap that is directly moulded as a part of its midsole. It is slip, water and oil resistant and is perfect for roof tilers, landscapers, and scaffolders.