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5 Easy Steps To Care For Your Wig

There are many people out there constantly looking for the best possible solution for their hair loss problems. Some opt for medications that slow down the hair loss process, while others prefer experimenting with hair. Why don’t you also consider having some fun with your look and get a nice wig. There are many salons and wigs Melbourne online suppliers that offer wide range of these type of hair pieces that can complement any style. Since available in different shapes, sizes, colours and styles, you will not have a hard time finding your perfect wig.

Once you have purchased the wig, the more important thing to know is how to take properly care of it. Regardless of whether you decide to go with a synthetic or human hair wig, the care routine does not differ that much. Wigs Melbourne experts recommend these five easy steps to help you better care for your wig and ensure it last longer.


Step 1 – Washing – The first step is getting specially formulated shampoo and conditioner, but no need to throw away the old products, just save them for later usage. You can buy the wig formulated shampoo from the same wigs Melbourne supplier you have purchased your wig from. Please note that you cannot wash the wig as often as you do own hair. Qualified wigs Melbourne professionals recommend washing the wig once a month.

Step 2 – Brushing – You will also need new combs and brushes for your wig. According to the experienced wigs Melbourne stylists, you should never brush your wig when wet because this can easily damage it. Brush the wig only when completely dry.

Step 3 – Avoid heat – This means curlers, flat irons and hair dryers. If you like a curly-hair style, then you probably should purchase a curly wig. Also, let your wig dry naturally. Avoid heat as much as possible. It is even recommended not to stand too close to the stove when cooking. The problem is that heat can cause the wig to look singe and frizzy. All this applies to synthetic wigs. The high quality wigs made from natural hair can better withstand the heat. You can use curling and flat irons, dryers and other styling gadgets.

Step 4 – When you are not wearing the wig – Every qualified wigs Melbourne stylists recommends keeping the wig on a wig stand every time you are not wearing it. If you do not have a wig stand, use hair spray to balance the wig to ensure it does not lose its shape.

Step 5 – Styling essentials – If you think that your wig is too shiny, then baby powder should be your new best friend. Simply apply the baby powder and shake the excess off. Also, if the wig has too much volume for your taste, spray it with a cool water and brush it.