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6 Steps To Protect Your Skin This Summer

The weather is warmer, the days are longer and everything around is ready for the summer season. After a long, cold winter, summer is finally here and we are all ready to soak up every ray of sunshine. While making plans to hit the pool, go to the beach or a lake to get the dose of vitamin D the old-fashioned way, think about all that time you are about to spend in the sun.

Keep in mind that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer that affects people nowadays. Aside from cancer, people often get skin spots, sunburns and wrinkles because they do not use the right sun protection. To avoid such unwanted problems, arm yourself with information; read how you can protect your skin from the sun this summer:


  1. Use sunscreen – Sunscreen is not just for hot summer days; you can and should use it whole year round, even when it’s cloudy or cold. All sunscreens include a sun protection factor (SPF) which will keep your skin safe from the harmful effects of UV rays to a certain degree, depending on the SPF number. When looking to buy a sunscreen, make sure it has at least 15 SPF. The higher the SPF the higher the protection. But keep in mind that you do not have to buy the highest SPF number there is, get the one that suits your complexion. And do not forget to apply it every other hour.
  2. Seek the Shade – Regardless of how much you want that bronze tan, laying all day under the sun is very dangerous and will certainly cause huge damages to your skin. Take an umbrella with your or find a shaded beach and stay there. Your skin will thank you.
  3. Wear a Hat – The models, designs, colours, shapes and sizes of hats for woman are endless. From dark to bright, big to small and straw to fabric, the range of hats for woman you can choose from is huge. But beside the fact that a summer hat will make you look fabulous and modern, it will also protect your skin. Hats for women that cover the neck, face and ears are quite effective at keeping UV rays away from your skin. So, no matter whether you are going to the beach, for a walk or getting coffee with your friends, wearing a hat in hot summer days is a must.
  4. Cover yourself up – Paired with sunscreen, clothing can significantly protect your skin from sun rays. In hot summer days try to wear clothes in bright colours and made of woven fabrics. Also, there are specially designed clothes that have a built-in UV protection; wearing such pieces of clothing will keep away the UV rays and keep your skin safe and young.
  5. Sunglasses – Beside being stylish, sunglasses will protect your eyes from the UV rays, thus reduce the risk of cataracts. They also add protection to the delicate skin around your eyes, which is usually more prone to wrinkles.
  6. Avoid Tanning – The direct exposure to UV rays will certainly increase the risk of developing eye diseases and skin cancer. The range of tanning products is wide, so spraying your skin with tanning products is definitely a better idea than exposing it directly to UV rays. This will help you get the tan you want without any skin spots and sunburns.