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It’s All About the Details: Steps to Choosing Door Hardware and Accessories

Although it’s unlikely that the door hardware is the first thing you see after entering a room, it shouldn’t be overlooked. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t regret taking my time debating this because little things like these have such a large impact on how a home feels.

It might be difficult to know where to begin and how to focus with so many various styles and finishes of hardware available. Then, there are the different types of door hardware accessories to think about – from doorstops to latches and bolts. To simplify door hardware shopping for you, I’m going to break it all down here.

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Interior vs. Exterior Use?

The level of durability in both function and finish you’ll require will depend on whether your hardware will be installed on an interior or exterior door. Consider installing a deadbolt on external doors that has an ANSI Grade 1 security grade, the greatest level of residential protection currently available, together with a handle set or keyed knob/lever to keep your property secure.

On the other hand, the purpose of the internal doors will determine the kind of door hardware accessories you select for them. Hardware for interior doors generally falls into the following categories depending on the purpose of the door:

  • Passage hardware – For doors that are frequently opened and closed, and won’t be locked;
  • Privacy hardware – For bathrooms, bedrooms and similar private spaces;
  • Dummy hardware – For double doors and reach-in closets;
  • Flush pulls- For pocket doors.

Knowing this, the next step is to pick a style that best complements your home.

Picking the Style for Your Door Hardware

Door hardware and accessories are a great way to complement the design style. Although it’s subtle, it actually makes a difference.

Choosing the style of your door handles should be approached similarly to other interior design tasks. When selecting handles, take into account the overall look and feel of the space. A modern straight chrome door handle may not look good if your home is decorated in a traditional way. But even if you have a contemporary design, these same handles may not work if the space is already full of contemporary pieces with curves.

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You must also think about your door choices while choosing your hardware. For instance, if all of your doors have the same design, do you want matching chrome handles for uniformity or do you want to distinguish your floors or rooms with various handle styles to give them a unique look?

Do you want the same design with the same colours and finishes on your door knobs or the same design but with different colours and finishes? Do you want a handle that reflects the boldness of your door design, or do you prefer a more traditional handle to emphasise the distinction and uniqueness of your door designs? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

The Different Finishes From Which to Choose

Finishes can vary greatly from one door hardware accessories manufacturer to another. Satin brass from one company might not be the same as satin brass from another. This is why I urge you to visit finishes in person, especially if you want to match finishes to nearby fixtures.

Living Finishes

A living finish implies that the colour will mutate and get a different look with time. You should expect that hardware with a living finish will change colour, become darker, or perhaps turn a stunning turquoise green, depending on the type and base material of your hardware. These coatings can give your hardware more personality and your house a more antique appearance.

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Lifetime Finishes

Not a fan of colour-changing hardware? To keep it looking brand new and to withstand the environment, check into accessories for doors that are powder coated or lacquered. Many manufacturers provide PVD or lifetime finishes, which go through a sophisticated electroplating process to significantly increase the finish’s lifespan, for even more longevity.

Consider Door Accessories for Added Function

By adding accessories to your entry door, you can get the desired “look” and increase the function of your doors. For instance, you can install complementary door holders, door stops, doorbells, door viewers, coat hooks, switch plates, door knockers, or even house numbers to elevate your project to a whole new level. There are countless creative possibilities.

You can even increase the security of your door with the right accessories. Standard door locks, door bolts, rack bolts, deadbolts, and lever action flush bolts are some of the options available to you if you want to add more protection to the doors in your house.

A cranked (necked) bolt is required for surfaces that are offset, whereas a straight bolt is made to fit across surfaces that are flush. Surface-mounted cranks and straight bolts are frequently utilised as an extra layer of security for front or back doors. This kind of bolt is also appropriate for use on barn doors and cabinet doors, as well as in private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.