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Ball Mill Safety Maintenance Steps To Follow

The invention of the ball mill introduced some significant changes in the mining industry. This machine is generally used for grinding different materials such as: ores, coal limestone, pigments, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The newest ball mills are designed with advanced technology and they are used in other industries beside mining, such as: construction, metallurgy and chemistry. In these industry sectors, the ball mill has a vital role, because it has the power to reduce the size of large materials that are needed for further use.


Although highly efficient , the ball mills can be extremely dangerous machines if not operated properly. Therefore, the operators need to follow essential safety and maintenance tips which are usually listed in the manual that is provided by the manufacturer. This is the only way to ensure safe operation and long life span. The operators should take certain precautions before they start operating a ball mill. Here’s a list of the most important safety maintenance steps that all operators should follow when using a ball mill:

  • Planning – Planning ahead is a must. Operators should know exactly when to lock and stop the ball mill. Planning ensures proper coordination and cooperation between the maintenance and production departments.

  • Selecting The Crew – It’s very important to select the right maintenance crew that will be responsible for the maintenance schedule. Everyone needs to know exactly what needs to be done before and after every operation. In case something is not clear, employees need to turn to their crew leaders.

  • Issue Safe Work Permit – Operators must be issued a work permit before they start working with a ball mill.

  • Proper Technical Knowledge – Operators should receive proper technical training before they start working with a ball mill. They should fully understand how the ball mill actually works.

  • Barricading – The best way to avoid work-related injuries, is to barricade the area around the ball mill for safety reasons. It is also advisable to put signs that forbid entry without authorized permit. Signs also warn people of potential hazards.

  • Locking Out The Electrical Power – Once the ball mill operation is completed, the operator should disconnect the high-voltage electrical power. Operators should also test the circuit, once they are done with the task.

  • Clean Up The Machine After Use – A ball mill should be cleaned up after every operation or at the end of the working day. The main components, such as the grinding tool, grinding roller, and grinding ring are prone to wear and tear. Because of that, every part or component should be regularly lubricated and checked for damages.