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Beginner Cat Owners: Steps to Making Your New Cat Feel at Home

Opening up your home to welcome a cat is always a thrilling experience but it can also be a stressful one if you’re new to it. Unlike dogs, cats need a little more time in getting used to a new place, and it’s up to you to make it less stressful as possible by acquiring the necessary items.

Providing the Basics


Yes, I refer to supplies for pets, the ingredients to creating a safe space where your cat can feel at ease and get the peace and quiet while becoming familiar with the home, the smells and sounds, before setting out to explore.

This can be in a separate room, or a corner where your new furry friend can hide, so picking a box, cat cave or an igloo is the way to go. Don’t be afraid if the process of exploring the rest of the home takes longer than a week because some cats need more time to get used to the new environment and start showing interest and affections.

Additionally, having in mind how essential food and water are, of course you’d have to provide the suitable bowls that you would keep a check on regularly, especially the water which you’d have to fill up at least once or twice a day. Normally, a cat weighing five pounds would require up to 4.5 ounces of water, and by refilling you’d immediately see if the needed daily amount is consumed or not.

To keep the teeth and gums healthy and maintain oral health in general, it’s advisable to choose chicken, duck or fish dry food suitable for the age, or a mixture of them all, to see which one your kitty loves best. Wet food is ideal for keeping kitty protected from dehydration, if it’s not exactly a fan of water, since there’s a higher content of moisture.

And oh, don’t forget the treats! They can be the trick up your sleeve in helping your cat relax. Now, apart from the food and water supplies, the other necessity for a warm welcome is the litter box. Just make sure to keep it away from the food and water bowls as cats are hygienic and don’t eat where they go to the bathroom. Likewise, it’s important to place it away from the bed.

I’m sure cleaning the litter box isn’t the favourite chore as opposed to all the others with owning a cat but it’s useful if you clean it as soon as the cat has used it, or at least do so twice a day, it would be highly appreciated otherwise you risk seeing the area around the litter box used instead; it’s not that difficult to understand, surely you wouldn’t like using a toilet that hasn’t been flushed previously.

Fun and Relaxation


Home is the place where we feel relaxed and the same goes for your feline, meaning you ought to take its relaxation seriously. Some supplies for pets that can help you out with this are scratchers, versatile toys (e.g. mice, feathers, balls), and crawl tunnels also great for hiding.

These items are crucial in keeping them entertained and providing them with the needed daily exercise. Furthermore, they’re the ideal tools to interact with your cat and get to know each other. Also, a treat cone is useful in encouraging more movement and coming out of the safe zone, though so is catnip.

For protection, it’s best to make your cat an indoor one, and walk outside only by a leash that you would get it acquainted with step by step, using catnip and treats if necessary. Moreover, owners living in houses with spacious yards have the chance to create a cat porch and allow a safe experience outdoors.

Understanding cat psychology and nature, there’s no doubt they love climbing up high which is why providing a cat tree or a bed with a view is more than welcome. This way they can oversee their whole territory and feel like cats in the wild.

Safety, Grooming, and Hygiene


You’ve heard this before: “Curiosity killed the cat”, and since you can’t stop your cat from being curious, the best you can do in preventing accidents from happening is to cat-proof the home.

You can start by keeping breakable items away, followed by toys and garbage with anything they can choke on, cords (e.g. electrical, blind cords) as well as poisonous plants.

When it comes to grooming, there’s a lot more involved than merely brushing the fur with the adequate supplies for pets, in the likes of soft bristle brushes, even though cats themselves have their own grooming habits. By doing the grooming yourself you help protect them from issues such as fleas and allergies, and the more often you do so the bigger the better the health of your cat since you’d be quick in noticing some problem as soon as it appears.

Brushing should be accompanied by bathing (the earlier you introduce baths, the better!), checking the ears, eyes, and nose for any irregularities, and brushing the teeth as well as checking the gums and mouth.

Last but not least, make sure to go on regular vet checkups, get the necessary shots, and spend as much time as you can with your new family member.