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Beginner Steps to Creating Lovely and Comfy Knits

Knitting is a fun and creative activity that has some serious health benefits. The rhythmic, repetitive movements have similar effects to meditation. This can reduce stress and anxiety because it’s soothing for the mind, body and soul. Moreover, this old-fashioned hobby helps people overcome certain addictions despite the fact that it’s quite addictive itself. If you’re a knitting enthusiast, then you must have experienced the mindfulness that comes with this craft. As soon as you grab the needles, your racing thoughts slow down, your mind becomes quiet and you can completely zone out.


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Knitting also gives you the opportunity to create the most amazing DIY projects. From cosy socks to comfy shawls and pillows, your options are countless. Knits can beautify your home, but they’re also very thoughtful gifts. A warm, chunky blanket can grace your living room, keep you nice and toasty, and makes the perfect present. Who doesn’t want to feel snug as a bug?

No matter if you’re just starting with knitting or you’re just considering it as a future hobby, follow these simple steps to create the loveliest and comfiest knits.

Get to Know Your Chunky Yarns

Not all yarns are created equal, they differ in weight, fibre, colour and of course, price. But when it comes to cuddly powers, there’s nothing like chunky yarns. Chunky yarn is larger than worsted and medium weight yarn. It can be bulky, super bulky or jumbo and made from natural or synthetic fibres.

This yarn is the top choice for beginners and those who are driven by the pleasure principle because it makes knitting easy and fast. You can test this by doing the same project twice with both chunky and fine yarn. You’ll notice that the thicker the yarn, the faster you’ll finish. Plus, working with larger needles is easier and you’ll have more material to grab onto.

chunky weight yarns

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The Best Chunky Weight Yarns

Katia Peru is a 14ply super bulky yarn that’s excellent for warm winter scarves and jumpers, but it’s also a perfect choice for snugly blankets and cushions. Katia Peru is a blend of 40% wool, 40% acrylic, 20% alpaca fibres and it comes in a range of neutral and bright colours that are ideal for children and grownups.

If you want to go even bigger and bolder with chunky weight yarns, choose Katia’s Love Wool and enjoy ultimate softness and comfort from the moment you start knitting. The Love Wool is a blend of 85% Virgin Wool and 15% alpaca that will make you forget all about winter chills and colds. You’ll need just two balls of Love Wool to create the warmest cowl, or you can use it to create the squishiest cushions and the cosiest blankets.

Choose Wooladdicts’ Fire if you want to spoil yourself with marvellous knits. Plus, this 16 ply super bulky weight yarn is excellent for beginners. The extra-fine merino used in this blend offers a super-soft touch and it’s perfect for big-knit projects.

Remember when Agnes said ‘It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” Well, chances are that her plushie was made from Wooladdicts’ Trust yarn. This splendid alpaca and merino blend is gorgeously fluffy, 100% squishy and perfect for snuggles on the couch.

Right Tools for knitting yarn

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Choose the Right Tools for the Job

After you choose your favourite chunky yarn, you need to find the appropriate tools for the job. The needles and hooks you’ll need for your fluffy projects range from 5.5mm to 15mm and above. This will allow for a larger gauge and longer stitches which will make the knit even more comfortable. If you aren’t sure what size needles you’ll need, use a conversion chart to choose the right ones.

If you opt for super chunky yarn, you can even use your hands to create amazing projects in just a few hours.

Relax Your Knitting Tension

Knitting tension is a common problem between beginners, but there are plenty of ways and tricks that can help you relax your stitches. Knitting tightly will not only result with blankets that feel like armour, but it’s also painful for your arms and fingers.

Train yourself to knit more loosely because the loose stitch is key to create lovely and comfy knits. The chunky yarn and the large needles will help to achieve this, but it’s also important to adopt the right style and technique. There are several knitting styles to choose from including English, continental and Portuguese. If your knitting style is causing you discomfort, learning another one could be an ideal solution.

If you feel like your knit is too stiff, try adding some wiggle room by pulling the yarn up a bit before slipping it off the needle. Avoid adding an extra tug or pulling the working yarn too tightly because this will cause a rigid knit.

Choose Simple Knitting Patterns and Projects

As soon as you enter the wonderful world of knitting and crocheting, you’ll be amazed by all the things you can create with your hands. However, a lot of these projects involve advanced patterns and require a lot of skill and experience. It’s better to start small and work your way up to more complicated projects.

A comfortable cowl is an excellent project for beginners. This simple scarf will keep you warm during colder months and it’s a trendy accessory that’s easy to match with almost any look. You can opt for a single, double or even triple-loop cowl for a more luxurious garment. After you decide on the length, determine how deep you want your cowl to be and knit away until you have the desired result. When you’re done knitting, just sew the ends together and you’re ready to go.

Combine your big needles and chunky yarns with a little bit of creativity and dedication to create the cosiest blanket or throw. Start knitting squares and rectangles of equal size and continue until you have enough to create a blanket. You can use different colours and patterns or stick with your favourite one, either way; the final result will be beautiful. When you’re done, sew the ends together and enjoy the comfy snuggles yourself or give it to someone special.

Be Patient

Same as everything else in life, you need to be patient. Don’t get frustrated if a knit is too tight or if you dropped a stitch because these mistakes can be easily fixed. Practice makes perfect, and soon enough you’ll be knitting jumpers for the whole family.