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Steps to Create More Storage Space in Your Home

With house prices being on the rise, more and more Aussies are deciding to buy smaller spaces and apartments as they are more affordable and easier to take care of. Although our homes are getting smaller, unfortunately, our stuff isn’t, and for many of us, downsizing to fit the needs of a place we may only call home for a few years doesn’t make much sense. But here’s some good news! With smart storage and a little creativity, we can go a long way in making our space more spacious, cleaner and better organized. Here are some steps that you can follow to create a more comfortable and organized home.

First Things First: Get Rid of the Stuff You Don’t Use

Learning how to declutter is one of the best ways to maximize your space. Clutter drains your energy, costs time and money, and makes your home feel cramped. If your rooms are large and complex, consider breaking them up in zones. Work quickly and decide which items you should toss and which ones you want to keep. For the items you’re getting rid of, there are a lot of options other than just throwing them in the trash – you can always donate them if they’re in good shape.

Find the Best Storage Solution

Scandinavian inspired designer home storage boxes are a stylish and versatile option to consider. Exhibiting a simple yet functional design and available in a variety of styles and colour, Scandinavian storage boxes are great for living spaces like dens and bedrooms. Clear plastic containers are another great storage solution to consider. Although they are not very stylish, they allow you to see inside the container, saving you precious time when quickly trying to retrieve an item from your storage. Make sure you label all of your storage boxes to make things easier. Even if you decide to use containers that are clear, putting labels will only speed up the retrieval time.

Choose the Right Things for Your Storage Space

Double-measure your storage space (like the inside of a closet door) before buying home storage boxes, storage baskets, racks or trays. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting home and having to shove a container into a closet to make it fit. So, plan ahead and bring a notecard with you with the measurement of your closets and other storage spaces. Also, try to buy products that can be stacked together easily.

Get Things Off the Floor

Experts recommend avoiding using the floor as storage space whenever possible. It’s common for parents to keep their kids’ big toys in the corner of the floor, which sooner or later makes that space become a dumping ground, looking messy and unorganised all the time. Investing in some inexpensive shelving to place the big toys in and some home storage boxes to hold the small toys will make the area feel less cluttered. Even your closet can become more organized if you get your shoes off the floor. How you may ask? With a closet system. Use inexpensive bins to hold your shoes and keep them organized.

Make Use of Vertical Space

When you are constrained by small rooms and can’t go “out”, go up! This can be especially helpful in a small kids’ rooms – you can install bunk beds, a vertical shelving unit for toys, and even a vertical arts and crafts corner. You can also try to use the vertical space in your home office, adding bookcases and mounting a pegboard on the wall to hold office supplies.

Repurpose Wasted Areas

Corridors in homes are storage goldmines waiting to be put to good usage. Building bespoke cabinets into wall cavities is a great way to create storage space and make a home feel far more spacious and uncluttered. The hollow area under the stairs is a great location for installing a couple of extra shelves, a shoe closet or a computer workstation.

Get More Storage in Your Garden

When it comes to how to create more storage in your home, don’t overlook the importance of your garden. Sheds, summerhouses or innovative bike storage facilities will all help you make your home far less cluttered, especially if you don’t really use your garden.

Use Your Space Creatively

Just because a room is supposed to serve a certain function that doesn’t mean that it can’t serve another purpose. For example, you might have space in your basement that was originally designed for storage. However, if you can fit all of your stored items in the garage, you may be able to use that space for another purpose, like as a workout area. You can place a TV to watch inspiring training sessions and still have room for you to work out and store your weights, bands, mats, etc.