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Cricket Bag Buying Guide: Keep All of Your Gear Safe

Cricketers always need to carry a lot of gear for their practice sessions and for their matches. This is why they need bags designed for this purpose. Aside from transport cricket bags also offer a great solution for storing your gear and keeping it organised when you are not playing.

There are many different cricket bag models available on the market, and each of them has its own advantages and can serve different purposes better. You can choose one according to your taste, your skill level, how much you play, whether you play recreationally or professionally, and so on. Before buying one for your needs, you should learn about all the different types and their uses.

Choose the Appropriate Size

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Cricket bags come in different sizes, and getting the right one is extremely important. In fact, size plays a huge role in a bag’s practicality, and it should be one of the key factors that will help you choose. The size can be determined according to your needs, how much gear you own and how much you need to carry, how often you play, as well as your age and your skill level.

For instance, players that travel a lot may benefit from larger bags (this way they can avoid carrying two bags, one for their cricket gear and another one for their everyday clothes), cricket captains will need more storage space for balls, scorebooks, coaching aids, and wicket keepers also need larger bags so that they can store their batting and their keeping equipment. Moreover, senior cricket players generally need larger bags than juniors because of the size of the equipment they are using.

Choose the Most Practical Option for You

The most important feature you should be looking for when you are getting a bag for your cricket gear is practicality. This beg is supposed to help you carry, transport and store your gear simply and safely. Cricket bags are designed specifically to hold everything, some feature multiple inner pockets, some have one large compartment and smaller pockets on the front, some also have other useful features to make storing and organising even more simple, including a pocket for one or more bats, a pocket for your helmet, a waterproof shoe tunnel, and a pocket with a padlock for your valuables.

Types of Cricket Bags

Even though they all serve more or less the same purpose, different types of cricket bags can be better suited for different players, different level skills and so on. However, it should be noted that different brands design cricket bags differently, which is why there isn’t a real clear line between the types. For instance, a cricket bag can be a mixture of more types. One way to divide them is by how they are used for transport, and the three most common types are wheeled bags, over-the-shoulder bags and backpacks.

The Cricket Wheelie Bag

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As the name suggests wheelies are cricket bags with wheels, and this is the most important characteristic that sets them apart from the other types you can find on the market. Many people choose the cricket bag wheel over other ways of transportation because it makes for very easy transport. The biggest advantage of this is that it allows you to avoid the usual aches from carrying backpacks, over-the-shoulder or handheld bags for too long, by taking the pressure off your shoulder.

Another great thing about these wheeled cricket bags is that they are typically quite large, which is why they are great for wicket-keepers and cricket captains, or anyone who wants the extra storage space. They are also designed to provide maximum convenience and efficiency. They feature a large aperture, which enables you to use the inner part of the bag easily.

Some cricket wheelie bags are also equipped with a pull handle, which makes them even more practical. Furthermore, you can get an upright bag, also referred to as a cricket tour bag, which also features wheels for easy transport. This cricket wheelie bag is large in size and it can carry plenty of gear as well as other staff, like clothes and accessories.

But while all of this is important and really good for your comfort and for ease of use, it does not come without a disadvantage. Namely, the cricket bag wheel does make it really easy to carry the bag around, but only when you are walking on flat surfaces. If you need to climb stairs, on the other hand, this bag can be more difficult to carry than for instance a cricket duffle bag or backpack.

The Cricket Duffle Bag

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There are many players who prefer cricket duffle backs over the popular wheelie. Like any duffle bag, you can carry them over the shoulder or in your hand. However, they are generally smaller in size by design, which is good, because you don’t want to end up carrying a big weight and putting that much pressure on your shoulders.

Because of this, cricket duffle bags are best suited for practise sessions or any other situation when you don’t need to carry all of your gear. If you own a lot of gear and you have to carry it frequently, you are better off with a wheelie.

The Cricket Backpack

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Most suitable for recreational cricketers that don’t own a lot of gear, cricket backpacks are smaller in size. They are quite convenient for carrying, especially for people who are used to wearing a backpack for other purposes. They can feature practical pockets, as well as straps on the front, like for your bat.