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Double Mattress – Double Comfort

Although the no-flip mattress was a huge success for manufacturers, it didn’t do much for the customers. The single-sided mattress was the new version that Simmons introduced on the market and it was something that was disposable with a reduced life expectancy from 12-15 years down to 5-7 years. And naturally, from the entire move the only ones in plus were the manufacturers, the customers felt no difference at all.

The overall situation, with manufacturers’ profit margin hitting the roof because the cost for producing a mattress was very low and the price remained the same, was rather disappointing for customers. And even if you’d think getting a mattress from another manufacturer, you’d be in the same position, because back in 2000 everyone was doing this practice.

double mattress

So, are double mattresses better according to these facts? Not just according to these facts, but also for the following reasons.

  • Longer life expectancy – if maintained properly, a double mattress will definitely last longer than a single-sided one. You can turn the mattress over, rotate it from one end to the other and then flip it back over again.
  • You’ll get more for your money and manufacturers won’t get rich on your account – if a single-sided mattress costs less or almost the same to produce as a double mattress and they both have nearly the same price, I can’t see why would anyone buy a single-sided mattress. Do the math to save a few dollars.
  • Comfort layers aren’t that thick and construction materials don’t break down so easily – single-sided mattresses degrade very fast and easy, which is one of their major flaws. They’re customarily build using less steel, which is the main advantage of high quality innerspring mattresses. Also, these mattresses place all of the upholstery on one side, which is another disadvantage. A double mattress utilizes the strength and advantage of the bigger amount of steel used in the construction to provide more sturdiness, durability and construction.
  • Double-sided mattresses are more light weight – which is a pretty important feature for a mattress, since you want to be able to move, flip over and turn it without trouble. Double mattresses are definitely more light weighted than the old time beds.
  • Environmentally friendly and green – everything these days tends top be green and environmentally friendly; the less resources used for manufacturing something, the better the product is on the “being green” list, and more widely accepted by the public.
  • Finally, they offer more comfort – they’re bigger, of course they offer more comfort! Plus, we don’t sleep on the entire mattress at once, which gives the mattress itself more time to recover after you’ve been sleeping on it for hours. This is advantageous contrary to the single-sided mattress because laying on them leaves a shape after you get up and doesn’t really recover well, which eventually ends up with you throwing that mattress away.