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Dressing Table: Add a Mamma Mia Design Step to Your Bedroom

Every woman has the chance to be an artist at the dressing table, and as Aristotle said, “art completes what nature left unfinished.” Though many may not agree on the matter, I strongly believe in the power of makeup to uplift your mood. I bet there’s no woman on Earth who wouldn’t feel happier and more confident when looking at the mirror and seeing her face perfectly contoured, eyelashes perfectly enlongated and lips shiny and fiery red.

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According to a research, women spend about an hour a day on their appearance. For that reason, having a dressing table that will display and store your precious jewellery pieces, perfumes and make-up items while having them neatly arranged is the starting point for a more enjoyable and stress free ‘me time” glam up. I gathered a few simple steps to follow to ensure you choose a dressing table that will be your best ally to getting the look you want while also beautifying your space. Aiming for the big win-win combo!

Get the size right

Finding the perfect location for your dressing table is important from many aspects. Have in mind whether there is enough daylight coming in as well as whether there is a light source near the spot you want to place the dressing table on. You want the light to fall under a good angle so that you’re not annoyed by the shadows in the mirror. Moreover, its placement also plays a great role in the room’s design. The perfect dressing table should not overcrowd the room nor look tiny compared with the rest of your furniture. Therefore, before making your purchase, measure your available space and look for something in accordance to the dimensions.

Functional features

Drawers – Having at least two spacious drawers where you can store stuff like jewellery, makeup, hair accessories and whatnot, is essential for a dressing table to be functional. You certainly don’t want to be untangling the jewellery pieces you want to wear right before heading out, do you?

Mirror – There is no point in having a dressing table without a nice, large mirror. The mirror can also serve as a decorative element if it is accessorized with other elements. Most smaller dressing table models don’t come with a mirror but you can always mount one on the wall above.

A design to complement your interior

Besides keeping all your accessories and makeup well-organized, dressing tables can also beautify your room and make it look more girly and sophisticated. A metal dresser, thanks to its simple yet elegant design, can perfectly complement modern interiors. Models with a polished glass finish can bring more dimension to the space and usually work well with any design scheme. If your style is traditional or your bedroom has a unique rustic flare, then a wooden dressing table with its natural finish and classic design would be the ideal addition for your space.