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Easy Steps to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

When you think about your bathroom, what are the 3 words that come to your mind? In an ideal world, it would be peaceful, sanctuary, spa-like. However, if you are like most people, it’s much more likely the words that came to your mind are uninspiring, unfunctional, always dirty, etc.

Well, your bathroom may not be perfect, but no matter how small it is or its shape, you can always take steps to make it as clutter-free and functional as possible. Even if you have a perfect bathroom, you still need to keep it organized. The reasons for wanting an organized bathroom go beyond aesthetics. It’s true that a bathroom in which everything is neatly stored looks more appealing, but it’s also a lot easier to use. For instance, when you need a cotton ball or a bandage, you’ll know exactly where to find one.

A neat and tidy bathroom is also more relaxing. Imagine a shower were soaps and shampoo bottles are constantly falling on your feet and one where all the products you need are neatly arranged on a bathroom shelf and are easy to access – which one would you choose? Plus, an organized space is much easier to keep clean. Here are some tips to help you declutter and organize your bathroom.

Assess Your Stuff and Get Some Organization Products

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Start your bathroom organization journey by assessing your stuff. Go through every storage spot where you keep your bathroom products including hair products, makeup, lotions, tissues, grooming tools, toilet paper, etc, and put all of them out in the open. Then, sort the products into three categories: keep, toss, donate. Box up the donation products and throw away what is garbage to get them out of your way. Next, sort the “keep” products into subcategories based on their type and where you plan to store them.

Considering that everything is out of the storage spots, use this opportunity to give your bathroom a good cleaning. Then, take note of whether you need any new storage or organizing products for the items you are keeping. If you have lost of small items (makeup, hair elastics) stacked in your drawers, you might benefit from some small baskets to keep them tidy. And if you have a lot of bulky towels, you might need a piece of bathroom-friendly furniture to store them. When your products aren’t functional for your needs, they can easily become clutter themselves.

Organize the Shower

shower shelf
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Showers can be challenging to keep organized because they aren’t always built with storage in mind. Some have cubbies or shelves where you can place your soaps and bottles but others just leave you with the bathtub ledge for storage. So, what you can do to keep your bath products within easy reach? Install a bathroom shelf that fits your products. When shopping for a bathroom shelf, make sure it’s reliably stable and be aware of shelves that suction to the wall – they may not hold up that well.

If you have a shower that allows you to install a corner shelf, do it. You’ll be happy to have all the additional storage without losing much of your shower space. Match the shelves to the wall of the shower and stack as many as you choose in the corner to get more storage space.

Classical metal shelves go with everything and are easy to clean and care for. They offer ample storage for your shower items, plus a bar to hang towels and loofas from. Because they are mounted into the wall, you don’t have to worry about them falling off, and you can place them wherever in your bathroom is most convenient for you.

Organize the Countertop

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For a tidy bathroom, you need to keep as few items on your countertop as possible. This will make cleaning the countertop easier as well as reduce the chances of items accumulating and becoming clutter. When organizing items on the counter, keep them close to where they are used. For example, place the hand soap right next to the sink. You may also want to have hand lotion there or the product you use daily to wash your face. Make sure there is enough space for your aromatherapy diffuser so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

Organize the Drawers and Cabinets

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To help you keep items in drawers classified and within easy reach, use drawer organizers. Keep in mind that you don’t have to fill every drawer, especially if you tend to hide clutter in your drawers. Designate a purpose for each drawer. For example, you can store your everyday items in your top drawer and items you use less frequently in the lower drawers.

If your bathroom has a medicine cabinet, keep it to store the items you use most frequently and need easy access to, such as toothpaste. Just be careful not to overpack the cabinet so that items fall out when you open it. Cabinets under the sink are good for keeping bathroom cleaning products in a caddy that you can easily take out and use.