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Essential Gear for Power Quality Diagnostics

Our economy is intricately connected to uninterrupted power supply. It applies to all sectors of economic activity regardless whether you are dealing with production and retail or you are simply solving administrative tasks in an office. At the same time our power grid is not perfect (as much as we would like it to be) and interruptions, shortages or inconsistencies are common. So, in essence, you are bound to experience some issue with the power supply, and you should be aware of the pattern in such disruptions. If there is one and you identify it, you can take further steps to solve the issue as long as this is under your control. Power quality analysis is very important for assessing the integrity of power supply systems. The typical indicators are swells, sages and interruptions in voltage, exceedance of power, disturbances and harmonic thresholds. There is more than one tool to measure them, though.

power quality analyzer

Tekon 560 Power Quality Analyser

This is a professional power quality analyzer able to measure power and electrical parameters at the same time. With this tool, engineers, electricians, and technicians can identify a whole host of issues. The Tekon 560 can be used to troubleshoot equipment connected on single and three phase electrical networks. Further, it supports different wiring configurations for both single and three phase networks (single phase 2 wire, single phase 3 wire, three phase 3 wire and three phase 4 wire).

These advanced power analysis tools come in kits that include test leads, a current clamp, power adapter, Lithium battery and hard case. You can measure power parameters (active, reactive and apparent), energy indicators (active, inactive, consumed, generated), flickers, and you can capture and record power events (shut down, outage, increase and decrease).

They also feature a touch screen where you can manipulate waveform, and phasor diagrams make this unit easy to use. You can use an SD card to share your findings in a report with the end user right away.

AEMC Power Quality Analyser

AEMC 8336 Powerpad III Power Quality Analyser

Some of us need a compact power quality analyzer with multiple applications. This specific model (8336) can be used for troubleshooting power distribution panels, verification of power distribution circuits, measuring energy (kVAh, VARh, kWh), checking a machine on site, and determining many other phase imbalances. It’s a three-phase power analyzer for diagnostics through a set of five voltage and four current inputs.

Power quality analysis on AEMC 8336 goes along the lines of frequency measurements (40 to 70Hz), measurements of TRMS voltages, harmonics (voltage, current or power), transient occurrences, and other diagnostic indicators typical for the professional unit. What sets this particular device apart is its capability to record and display trend data really fast (once per second for a whole month). By characterizing the disturbance with time stamps you can gain invaluable insight in the performance of your grid. Its memory bank is substantial and can store alarms, snapshots and transients (2GB of memory).

HT Italia VEGA 78 Power Quality Analyser

The Vega78 packs innovative developments which allow the operator to read all relevant values at the same time. Doing analysis on this instrument covers numerous measurements about the electrical system – voltage, power (active, reactive, apparent), current, frequency and similar fundamental indicators. While the device can assess single-phase and three-phase networks, it can also check harmonics of non-linear loads (TV, computers, electric motors). Documenting and reporting the tests goes along standard routes by using PC management software.

Kyoritsu Power Quality Analyser

Kyoritsu 6315 Power Quality Analyser

Another unit boasting a wide range of features. It can be used to check quality by voltage (swell, dip, interruption), inrush current, flicker, imbalance rate etc. The distinctive feature on this instrument is its user friendly display controlled with buttons. Functions of the analyser can be activated by the 20 buttons that are fairly straightforward. Connecting to a circuit, wiring checks, test, diagnosis, trends of all main parameters, zoom function, recording and all other functionalities are accessed through a menu. Once you get the hang of the menu it’s fairly simple to use it. The findings are shown in color on a waveform display with selectable scales. You can even use the print screen function that will save you a lot of time.

And if that is not your preferred option, you can also use this unit for remote monitoring by connecting it to your PC or android device. Bluetooth connection will not only allow you to pair it with your device to enjoy easy operation, but it will also provide an added layer of safety. For example, you can take advantage of this feature when dealing with live electrical networks. Additional accessories like an adapter or casing increase the value of this set.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are power quality diagnostic tools for every setting. Basic measurements modalities are available on each device. However, depending on the type of analysis you will need to select a model that is appropriate for you. These units check networks in heavy industry applications, but some of us need more compact solutions. Compatibility with our computers and smart devices has changed the landscape in the field, and now you can have one of these devices at an affordable price.