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From Outback to Coastline: A Comprehensive Guide on Australia’s Finest Craft Beers

The Aussie beer scene is an adventure waiting to be explored. With a long-standing tradition of local craft beers and a growing collection of imported ones, there’s certainly a lot of variety both in terms of flavour and style.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in a full-fledged beer subscription box or if you’d like to indulge in the occasional pint – there’s something to suit every taste. From the hoppy character of an IPA to the sweet, tangy notes of a sour beer, the widespread range of craft beers is just a sip away.

What Beers Do Aussies Drink?

Australians are notoriously fond of their beer, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find plenty of options to sample. The way they’re brewed, the nuances of their flavour profile – it’s all part of the experience. So, if you want to dip your toes in the tasty and refreshing Australia craft beer scene here are some of the top brews:

Ocean Reach Time Off Hazy IPA

Source: untappd.com

Starting off strong, this hazy IPA is sure to please those who love a good hop character. It’s brewed with Citra Cryo and Amarillo hops, which lend it a citrusy and tropical taste, as well as a pleasant bitterness. Its smooth mouthfeel and pleasantly fruity aroma result in a truly delightful brew.

The alcohol content is a moderate 6.5% ABV, which is hardly surprising for an IPA. Its colours range from golden straw to vibrant orange and its taste is the perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness, and hop aroma. In terms of transparency, this beer is hazy but still quite clear.

Fox Friday Staycation West Coast IPA

Source: mrwest.com.au

This classic West Coast-style IPA contains a unique blend of Simcoe and Columbus hops. The outcome is a beer that’s full-bodied and slightly sweet, with hints of caramel, toffee, and a hint of pine. The taste is a bit maltier than other IPAs, and the aroma is alluringly fruity.

It has an alcohol content of 6.8% ABV and a light amber colour, which is typical of this beer style. Its bitterness is balanced nicely with a subtle sweetness, creating a perfect blend of delicious flavours.

Kicks Mind’s Eye IPA

Source: facebook.com/kicksbrewing/

Created as a freestyle New Zealand IPA, with a modern take on the West Coast style, this has a signature hops blend that includes Southern Cross, Waimea, Rakau and Nelson Sauvin. Its clean, pared black malt produces a distinct bitterness that is counterbalanced with a pleasingly sweet and smooth finish.

Kicks Mind’s Eye IPA has an alcohol content of 6.8% ABV and a golden, hazy colour. Its flavour is all about hops, with hints of tropical fruits and sauv blanc notes. The finish is slightly dry and leaves an aftertaste of smooth bitterness.

Akasha Super Chill Pacific Ale

Source: otterspromise.com.au

This beer bridges the gap between pale ales and IPAs, with a light body and complex hop flavour. The hops blend of Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic creates a pleasingly fruity aroma and a delightful taste. Its golden colour is a sight to behold, and its slightly bitter finish makes it a great session beer.

This crisp beverage has a slightly lower alcohol content of 4.2% ABV, which isn’t necessarily a taste-killer. Its flavour is subtle, and its mouthfeel is light, with lingering notes of dryness and a refreshing finish.

Dainton Island Jam Tropicana Milkshake NEIPA

Source: untappd.com

This delectable brew is a juicy and creamy NEIPA that packs a lot of flavour. It’s brewed with a combination of El Dorado and Citra hops, with crushed hemp seed flour and a selection of toasted coconut and vanilla beans to neutralise the hop bitterness. It’s a bright orange colour and its aroma is full of refreshing tropical notes.

It has an alcohol content of 6.7% ABV and its taste is exceptionally fruity and creamy. It goes down smoothly and easily, with a hint of bitterness to keep it balanced. The creaminess of the coconut and vanilla is complemented by a tropical sweetness, making it one of the tastiest craft Australian beers around.

Fox Friday Holding Formation Hazy Pale Ale

This hazy pale ale is designed to showcase the delicate flavours and aromas of Australian hops. I, with Maris Otter, Vienna, Pale Wheat and Raw Wheat malts, this beer is brewed with an impressive hop blend of Ella, Motueka and Vic Secret. Its golden-orange colour is a pleasure to look at and its aroma is full of delicious fruit and hop notes.

It has a mild alcohol content of 3.5% ABV, with a light and refreshing body. Its taste is dominated by soda-like flavours and pleasant bitterness, with a slight sweetness and a dry finish. Its light and smooth texture is incredibly drinkable, often making you wish for another sip.

Grifter Pink Galah Pink Lemonade Sour Beer

Rounding off the list of Australia craft beer is this tantalising sour beverage. This wheat-based beverage is brewed with a variety of malts, including Pale Ale and Wheat, as well as oats for a fuller body. It is then combined with an impressive selection of hops such as Vic Secret, Mosaic and Ella.

It’s certainly one of the most unique beers in Australia, with its bright pink colour and tart, lemony taste. It has a low alcohol content of 4.7% ABV and a pleasant balance between sourness and sweetness. It’s an incredibly refreshing beer that leaves you wanting more.