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Fun in Snow: Steps to Preparing Kids

It’s officially cold and flu season, still that doesn’t mean fun in the snow is out of the question. All it takes to guarantee a great snow experience is preparing well beforehand, more so when you’re taking children along.

Same as with adults, it’s important to acquire the necessary snow gear to be able to get the much-needed protection. It’s all fun and games until the cold takes over, so the not so secret secret to ensuring fun is layering well, specifically counting on the help of thermal wear for kids.


This includes pants and jacket as much as it does shirts, fleece, underwear and accessories like gloves and hats. Some of the properties you should look for in the snow clothing are moisture wicking and breathability other than comfort and fashion. Of course this doesn’t go only for the thermal wear for kids but for the boots too.

Often overshadowed by the importance of boots, the choice of socks you make is equally important; while you want to keep your child’s feet warm you also want to keep them dry, so the key is in finding the socks that provide warmth as well as keep moisture away.

Your primary choice may be cotton yet it’s not exactly the ideal for moisture-wicking, so choose bamboo or wool instead. If you intend to spend more time outside, then you can’t forget to put goggles on the must-have list either. Now, knowing how easy it is to catch a cold, especially for younger kids, it’s advisable to think of boosting their immune system also as part of your preparations.


Hygiene is the basic step to avoiding colds and the flu, so a habit kids have to adopt is washing hands before every meal and after using the toilet. If they go to kindergarten or another pre-school/school facility, teach them sharing utensils, including food and drinks isn’t good; It’s not unusual for a kid to have the virus days before it manifests into a cold or the flu.

Getting enough sleep is another key to fighting off illnesses, but the quality of the diet is an aspect that’s not to be overlooked. Fruits and veggies are your best bet and so is cutting down on processed foods, particularly those that contain refined sugar, but don’t forget probiotics too.
Knowing how connected the immune system is to vitamin D, playing outside is mandatory even in winter, so fight the cold playing in the cold – it’s that simple!