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Heаdboards: One Step Closer to a More Luxurious Bedroom

We can all agree that headboards add a huge decorative value to a bedroom. They can be the perfect finishing touch that will bring everything together in a nice, harmonic and visually pleasing composition. Nevertheless, when it comes to bedrooms, convenience is as important as style, and creating a stunning interior isn’t the only reason why so many people decide to add a modern bedhead to the frame of their bed.

These beautiful pieces, which were once a symbol of wealth and pomp, actually can be very convenient. They can add a lot to your comfort and increase the functionality of your room and even improve the quality of your sleep. Furthermore, headboards come in many different designs, sizes, colours, materials, etc. And, more importantly, they can be added to any bed and most of them can be easily attached to the bed frame.

They Add Aesthetic Appeal

Bedroom headboard
source: juliettesinteriors.com

Headboards have the ability to create a luxurious vibe and can add glamour to your bedroom. Homeowners and interior designers often choose stunning designer bedheads to guide the eyes of anyone entering the room towards them, which helps make the bed an even more beautiful focal point. So, picking one that will be an asset to the overall look of your bedroom can give you the perfect opportunity to freshen up the interior, as well as make your bedroom the luxurious, sophisticated sanctuary you deserve.

Most beds today work perfectly fine without them, but a luxury bedhead can be the ideal way to decorate your bedroom’s feature wall by filling up the wall space. Alternatively, they can also be a part of an elaborate composition, finished off with a nice wall art piece, or any other type of wall decoration. Choose a style that will serve you to accent colour, blend in colours, give the bed a nice backdrop, soften its appearance, and that will visually complement the entire décor. In fact, a well-chosen designer bed head has the ability to create a cosy ambience in a bedroom, allowing you to add interest and personality.

When we are buying things for our bedrooms, first we are thinking about the visual aspect, but in the back of our mind, we are wondering about the comfort as well. But beauty also plays an important part in comfort, since when something looks cosy to us, we immediately feel more comfortable. This means that the way our bedrooms look, also affect how we feel when we spend time in them.

They Provide Comfort

Comfort Headboard
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Aesthetically pleasing designer bedheads don’t only contribute to the comfort of your bedroom by adding beauty. One of the most important things, when you are designing any room, is comfort, and that’s even more true for bedrooms. This is why homeowners frequently buy a lot of things, move things around, change pillows, add rugs, etc. in an attempt to find new ways to make their bedroom cosier. In fact, regardless of whether we are buying the bed, the mattress, or our pyjamas, comfort is the first concern in our mind.

Bedheads act like perfect comfortable support for your back when you are sitting up. So, if you like reading or using your laptop before sleeping, it is a much better solution than trying to lean on the wall behind your bed and prop your pillows to add more support.

Another way in which headboards add to the comfort of your bedroom is by providing you with better quality sleep. This is because they can stabilise your bed, which means that they minimise the risk of the mattress moving, providing you with better quality sleep. They also help you sleep better by holding your pillow in place.

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, on the other hand, the pillows can fall down in the gap between the wall and the mattress and wake you up during the night, not to mention gather some dust from the floor. With a bedhead, you won’t have to worry about it, even if you decide to move your bed away from the wall. Furthermore, depending on how your bed is positioned, the bedhead can block out the light in the morning, letting you sleep longer.

They Prevent Wear and Tear on Your Wall

Modern headboard
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The wall behind the bed can get stains from your pillows. This is because if you don’t have a headboard, the pillows will come into contact with the surface of the wall, and all the sweat that your pillow has absorbed over the night, as well as the grease from your hair, can leave transfer onto the wall, leaving stains and marks over time. So, if you add a bedhead to the frame of your bed, not only will you be able to sleep better, but also you will protect the walls from getting stained, because the bedhead will cover it, keeping it clean.