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Hunting Clothes: What to Wear When Hunting

couple on hunting in wiliderness
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Even though man doesn’t need to hunt in modern times to survive, this tradition is still alive and well, emphasising the importance of the hunting way of life. Despite advancements in tools, materials and hunting apparel, the classic pieces may be updated but are never replaced and here’s why:  

What Should I Wear While Hunting?  

Hunting Hat  

woman wearing orange hunting hat while hunting
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When asking yourself what’s a crucial piece of clothing you need to buy and what is the hunter’s most important item of clothing, we must think of priorities. Number one is to not get shot. Safety first, right? Thus, getting an orange hunting hat and vest is on the top of the list. Why are hunting hats orange though? 

Daylight fluorescent orange, also called blaze orange or hunter orange, makes it easier for hunters to recognize each other because nothing in nature matches this colour. The hunting apparel in hunter orange should be plainly visible from all directions. In fact, blaze orange is required by law in many countries. 

 Even though Australia doesn’t have this law, do you have to wear a hat while hunting shouldn’t be your first concern if you’d rather be safe than sorry. Instead, you should focus on what’s the best hunting hat for you. Moreover, a hunting hat doesn’t just protect you from your excited and frightened hunting peers. It supplies protection from both the sun and the rain. 

For hunting in cold weather, choose sock-type hunting hats or fleece beanies. Not only do they keep warmth but also dry quickly, especially if they’re made from merino wool. Merino wool is a superior material that covers all of the hunter’s necessities related to comfort.  

Hunting Jacket 

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In spite of the superior quality of some materials used in hunting jacket manufacturing, they’re generally considered too hot, heavy or bulky for Australia’s weather conditions. Hence, an Australian made jacket is probably your best choice as it’s optimised with these conditions taken into consideration.

What Australian hunters need is a tough, lightweight, breathable, and most importantly functional jacket that can be put on and taken off with ease. The reality is, it will be packed away more than it is worn, hence, bulky and heavy jackets that are an added load to carry are out of the question.  

Fabrics like the lightweight military spec Aushield20K fabric supply extreme waterproofness and maximum breathability, fit easily over your clothing but also hang low enough to prevent water from running down your back. An Aushield20k hunting jacket rolls up quite neatly and so it takes up minimal space inside your pack. 


hunting layers
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Layering will help you keep your core body temperature in the challenging conditions you meet while hunting. The next-to-skin layer should be composed of a synthetic material like polyester or polypropylene due to their superior wicking ability, transferring and reducing moisture while keeping your skin dry and warm. 

The outer layer is the insulating one, thus, it should be bulkier and heavier to hold the warm air around you. Merino wool, for example, is what are hunting clothes made of mostly, at least the superior quality ones.  

When hunting in warmer conditions, of course, you can cut down on the wool as long as you wear an extra performance fabric with permanent moisture-wicking ability. The garments are designed to be worn as a single outer layer for active hunters in mild, warm and hot conditions.  

Hunting Camouflage  

Camouflage hunting clothes
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Some do it for the fun of it while others dread the other apparel they need to carry and think of. Despite the occasional inconvenience, there are moments when camouflage really counts. Lightweight, breathable bush hats are the best way to break up the hunters head outline.

 Combine your hunting hat with a face veil or head net. Some added foliage in the loops will enable you the best concealment clothing that blends in perfectly with Aussie bush.  

But why do hunters wear camo if they wear orange? Deer, the most sought-out prize for both the primitive and the modern-day hunter, have only green and blue “cones” i.e., type of photoreceptor cells that enable us mammals to see colour. Humans have 3, red, green and blue cones. Hence, deer are essentially red-green colourblind meaning that they would see reds and oranges as shades of green. To conclude, your orange hat or vest will blend perfectly with your camo.  

Hunting Gloves  

Although mittens supply more warmth due to the close contact of your fingers, they’re not that practical, unfortunately. The most practical hunting gloves are fingerless or half-finger gloves which allow you to do whatever you need to with your fingers. Excellent grip control and agility for a range of activities are crucial for hunting.  

Furthermore, new and updated models will not only make up for the earlier heat loss with merino wool lining but also provide you with tactile benefits with dotted palms and fingers. Also, there are many waterproof and windproof but breathable hunting gloves.  

Hunting Boots  

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As mentioned above, Australian weather conditions are specific and so is its terrain. Hence, you’ll need a boot designed for the characteristic stalking and contouring of mountainous terrain. Although hunting boots differ from hiking boots, clearly, full leather boots are the way to go in both cases.  

The sole should be ultra-light but reinforced.  A thick, soft, inner layer provides maximum give and feel, while a thin outer layer provides excellent grip and durability. Injection moulding means that the sole is vulcanized to the boot during manufacturing. This process cuts glues that quite often result in soles parting or peeling off in tough hunting conditions. 

Moreover, premium hunting boots have an ultra-thin, flexible steel shank that is embedded into the sole during the injection moulding process. This provides perfect strength and twisting control right out to all edges of the sole, not just under the arch and heel. Perfect for hunting steep rocky ground where at times only the edges of the boot are used and full support is needed from this narrow area of contact. 

A highly aggressive tread pattern with large singular lugs interspaced with deep channels allows venting mud and self-cleaning. Moreover, if the lugs extend up the outer sides of the sole to provide aggressive traction while sidling steep ground.  

Importantly, regular maintenance is needed for leather nourishment, no matter how high quality your boots are. In addition to wiping clean your leather hunting boots with a damp cloth and drying them in the shade, you should polish them with Nugget or Kiwi boot polish and then treat them with Dubbin or Sno-seal. 

 Hunting Socks  

hunting socks
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Merino is an excellent choice for those seeking lightweight warmth, breathability and performance in cool weather. Merino hunting socks will deliver superior comfort to your feet through warmth, cushioning and breathability. An added durable nylon outer layer applied at high wear areas increases their durability and functionality.

In spite of the thick walls needed for comfort in hunting boots, the right hunting socks will have toe vents to provide maximum ventilation and reduce odour.