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Important Considerations and Steps to Picking the Right Dog GPS Mounting Method

We all want our furry friends to stay safe when we are not around to make sure of it, but at the same time, we don’t want to keep them from being happy and running freely. A smart way to keep an eye on your pet when you’re not at home is to get a GPS tracker. A GPS chip in your dog’s collar acquires your pet’s position and sends the info to your GPS. This usually entails your pet’s location on a map, but today there are also some smart collars that can track more than just your furry friend’s location – they monitor activity and sleeping patterns as well.

Usually, GPS manufacturers include different options for mounting with the original packaging. However, if the mounts included in the package you buy do not satisfy your needs, you can buy an alternative mounting kit. When determining the best way to mount the GPS device in your vehicle, there are different options.



For this type of mounting method, you will need a smooth surface, which is why a lot of times you can see the mounting accessories GPS monitors are placed on attached to windshields. If your local laws don’t allow you to have anything mounted on your windshield, then you can place it on your dashboard. Keep in mind that it won’t work if it has a textured surface. Dog accessories GPS models that make use of a suction cup won’t hold up for long in a high-humidity environment.


Velcro patches on their own won’t do a good job but a holder with adhesive backed ones will definitely position your GPS monitor more firmly. Depending on its size, you may need multiple velcro patches in order to hold the device. However, the adhesive on the patch may lose its strength over time and the holder may get wonky and eventually fall off. If you travel quite often, you might want to stay away from velcro holders, so you don’t have to get a new one every other week.



This is a mounting method with which you can place your GPS monitor holder to more than just one spot. Depending on your cars’ interior, you can position it on your sun visor, air vent or cup holder. When doing so, it all comes down to personal preferences. Some people are distracted by it when it’s placed on the sun visor, some think that placing it on the air vents blocks air from coming in, others like having it placed close to their stick.