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Important Steps To Follow To Ensure Safe Use Of Hand Pallet Truck

Hand pallet trucks are commonly used for transporting and handling goods and materials. These pallet jacks are designed to easily transport heavy wooden pallets. Warehouse managers who are concerned with safe and timely transportation of material from a truck at a retail facility, find the hand pallet truck ideal.


Pallet trucks are suitable for a wide range of material handling tasks, including order picking, horizontal transport, loading/unloading and stacking. It doesn’t require specific operation skills, however operator needs to follow certain important steps in order to ensure safe use of this vehicle. Operators use very little effort and can easily maneuver hand pallet truck, however, if not handled properly materials can still be damaged.

In order to eliminate or at least reduce hazards, act in accordance with the following standard precautions.

  • It’s important to plan all hand pallet truck operations ahead of time. Taking all foreseeable risks into account will prevent any possible damage. Chances of not completing the tasks properly are equal to zero. When things are organized well tasks are always carried out safely.
  • Even though hand pallet truck doesn’t require specific training, still operators have the responsibility to provide all information and instructions before using this kind of pallet truck. The responsible person is obligated to follow all safety rules and precautions in order to avoid potential hazards.
  • People that are responsible for this hand pallet truck must pay attention to the workplace conditions. They should be careful not to crash onto pedestrian workers, overturn the load and hurt themselves or someone near the truck, pay attention to traffic routes, overhead electric cables, gas pipes and sharp or blind bends.
  • People working with hand pallet trucks should consider all job requirements, operating conditions and environment in which they operate. Thus, they have to pay attention to the specific weights and dimensions of loads allowed in certain places.
  • Workers should not exceed the safe working load of a hand pallet truck. If they don’t follow this rule, the risk of damaging the goods is grater.
  • You should not run this truck over cables or pipes, if they are not properly protected. You may lose control over the machine and damage finished goods and materials.