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Industrial Floor Scrubbers: Steps to Choosing the Right One

The use of floor scrubbers is essential for maintaining surfaces clean in most industrial fields. Not only do they make cleaning a piece of cake, but they also reduce the number of slips and falls. So, what exactly are industrial floor scrubbers?

Simply put, they’re industrial machines used for scrubbing, cleaning, and drying floors of any kind. These machines effectively reduce the labour spent on cleaning floors since the person using them, won’t need a bucket and mop to clean manually.

How Do They Work?

These scrubbers work by aggressively cleaning floor surfaces by applying a cleaning solution, scrubbing the area and drying it in one pass. They have a tank that is filled with water and cleaning solution and once turned on, the machine starts using it. The newer machines have also a separate tank that collects all the dirty water, leaving the floor squeaky clean. Most of these scrubbers are designed to clean any surface area in one simple step, saving lots of time and energy.

Types of Floor Scrubber Machines

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Finding a good, convenient and functional industrial floor cleaner is super easy considering the wide range. You just need to thoroughly research all your available options and pick the one that will best serve your needs. Here are the basic types you’ll come across.

Upright Scrubber

These cleaners are lightweight and smaller in size, perfect for cleaning smaller areas of about 46 – 111 m2. They work similarly to home vacuum cleaners and are mainly used for cleaning classrooms, entryways and smaller office spaces.

Walk-Behind Scrubber

These are some of the most diverse floor cleaners and scrubbers. They’re ideal for cleaning medium to large areas of somewhere between 92 – 1394 m2 floor spaces. As the name implies, the person has to walk behind the scrubber in order to operate it and is pretty easy to control and use. Being larger in size and designed for cleaning larger areas doesn’t make it suitable for cleaning smaller ones. So, keep that in mind if you want to get the best out of it.

Automatic Scrubber

Well, as you assume by now, these are the biggest models of scrubbers designed for cleaning extremely large areas from 1394 – 13 935m2. Taking into account their size, you can use them only in extremely large and open areas where there is no furniture or other things to navigate around.

Types of Brush

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The type of brush the machine uses will affect the results you get. Generally speaking, you can choose from two types of brushes – one type works best on smoother floors and the other on more textured floors.

Cylindrical Brush Heads

Scrubbers with such brushes are designed for extensive and thorough cleaning of structured and extremely dirty floors. The speed of these brushes is extremely high as well as their contact pressure which makes them one-of-a-kind solutions for such jobs.

Disc Brush Heads

Scrubbers with such brushes are used for routine cleaning on floors that are lightly soiled. Unlike the scrubbers with cylindrical brushes, the ones with disc brushes are perfect for smoother floors and noise-sensitive places like restaurants, hotels and hospitals.

Features to Look for in a Scrubber

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When in the search for the right scrubber, make sure to choose one that is powerful, robust and reliable. When working in a place with different floors, it’s recommended to choose a versatile and medium-sized floor industrial scrubber for perfect results. Additionally, you should also look for a scrubber that is:


Regardless of the scrubber’s size, you should make sure the chosen one can be easily moved around. This will allow for easy movement from one place to another and getting the job faster and easier.


Even though the initial investment in newer and more energy-efficient scrubbers might be a bit pricier, you’ll end up saving a lot more money since these scrubbers are cost-effective. Plus, they use less water which is another thing from which you can benefit.


A good scrubber should also emit low noise which is something from which anyone can benefit. Regardless of the surroundings, no one likes having to deal with any extreme noise that comes from such cleaners.


The chosen industrial floor cleaner should also be durable enough to withstand cleaning in tough conditions and surfaces. The cleaner should last for many years without having to be repaired which makes it even more efficient.


And finally, make sure to choose a scrubber that comes with a good warranty from a trusted and reliable manufacturer. For the best outcome, do thorough research, compare products and manufacturers and pick the one that’ll best meet your needs and personal taste.