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Love, Learn and Live the Word of God with Rick Warren’s 40 Days in the Word

Living in an advanced world as it is, we are lucky to have so many things at our disposal. However, such a life is certainly not a flawless one. Being surrounded by choices and tasks makes it very easy to be distracted, more so with our values and beliefs which also includes the modern day Christian believer. If you are not accustomed to every day or Sunday church going or are not part of a secluded Christian community like the Amish or Gloriavale, then you are more prone to not be following the word of God in every step of your journey.


Christian pastor, bestselling author, theologian and philanthropist Rick Warren is well aware of this and realised people are basically ignorant of God’s Word, even though they know the Bible and have read it numerous times. This led him to create his 40 Days in the Word, a study made to help believers to love, learn and live the Word of God. He has successfully applied the study in his Saddleback Church in California and serves as an inspiration to all Christians who want to transform their lives and not just hear the words of God but to live accordingly and become leaders.

The 200-page book 40 Days in the Word is part of the starter pack that serves as a guide to lead believers to a better understanding of the Bible and its essence. It also ponders on what it means to be a true believer, how to meditate on the Word of God and apply it in one’s life. The starter pack also includes a DVD program, i.e. six powerful 25-minute lessons designed as preaching material in churches and can be used to study at home, individually or in groups. The book is actually a workbook so you get to learn as you read, watch and do assignments.

This pack will enrich both your home library and your life, and you will be able to change your life in ways you never imagined. The reason for pastor Rick’s success is because of his style of teaching that is applied in life instead of the basic verse-by-verse style. As you start following the teaching, you will see it is one thing reading the Bible, and it is another thing allowing God’s Word to dwell in your heart and guide you through your daily life. This starter pack is helpful on so many levels and can be the perfect gift to your loved ones you want to share God’s wisdom with and help set firm spiritual habits.