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Men’s Fashion: Steps to Creating Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Men are simple creatures – this is a statement that’s become somewhat popular in recent years. While many may be eye-rolling reading it, I’m sure they would agree unanimously on it when it’s to do with clothing. Guys may be complex about the things they say, not open about sharing feelings, but when it comes to what goes in their wardrobe, most are really simple: they care about comfort first and foremost.

Sometimes this can be at the expense of style too, only because most are more interested in being practical, to the point of composing looks that work for many settings, be it the worksite, or a casual outing. Now that colder days are upon us, as a guy you may be wondering how you can create a wardrobe that’s all about comfort and practicality while staying stylish and minimalist. It may seem difficult, but with a few carefully chosen pieces, you too can compose your winter capsule wardrobe.

When in Doubt, Dress Country!

This is one of the easiest strategies you can adopt when assembling your outfits. Country style offers all the aforementioned essentials that matter to a man. Born out of the necessity for protective and durable clothing in the countryside, it got into mainstream fashion also because of how easy it is to incorporate it in the closet due to its adaptability with other styles.

Lucky for you, many popular brands offer a range of quality country knits available in various designs easy to team up with different bottoms, footwear, and accessories. Given that it’s this specific style, these are a great pick for the warmth they provide thanks to the choice of materials like super-soft and resistant merino wool and cashmere, each of which is lightweight and thermoregulation.

mens country knits
Source: ontheneedles.com

Pick Your Tops

As mentioned, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to country knitwear tops which is why they’re the perfect choice for your wardrobe. You can pick out based on the price, as much as what you like in terms of design, features, and fabric. Depending on the occasion, you can select both casual and dressier tops to create outfits for different settings. For example, with your favourite pair of jeans and sneakers, you can seamlessly incorporate a zip-neck sweater in a regular fit.

Some designs are more casual than others, so be sure to think of what you intend to wear it with to come up with combinations before shopping. Vests are another great choice that you can also wear as a top layer with a long sleeve shirt underneath. Crew necks are country knits that have many faces with versatile textured detailing, and are great used with jackets as much as blazers.

If you want something dressier, however, the V-neck country knitwear has got a more formal vibe making it fit for dressier occasions and settings. Then, you’ve also got the turtlenecks and cardigans which are both stylish on their own when the weather isn’t too cold, so you can make the most of them even in spring and autumn besides winter.

Also, they work well paired with other tops and base layers, including regular T-shirts, for extra warmth. The advice would be to get each of these, but if you’re more minimalist then the ideal would be to buy at least one of the casual and one of the dressier so you can have options of outfits for various outings.

mens v neck jumper
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Pair Them with the Suitable Bottoms

Same as with choosing the tops, you need to think of the bottoms you can wear them with, so it’s recommended to imagine the outfits as you do the shopping. In addition to slim, straight, and regular-fit jeans, which are a staple in country wear, what do you see yourself wearing with country knitwear tops? This would give you an idea of whether you can use up something you already have in your closet, or you need to do some bottom shopping too.

In terms of casual and dressy outfit combos, there’s a range of options you can place your bet on to pair with your stylish knits. For your zip neck, vests, and textured crew necks, you can choose utility pants that don’t look those casual either, tough jeans, or even comfy pairs of track pants and fleece pants. Top them off with your sneakers, derby shoes, military-style boots or work boots, and you’re good to go!

As for the dressier, besides moleskin jeans and chinos available in different colours, you also have trousers and slim dress pants. These go well with cowboy boots, if you’re up for a fully rugged ensemble, or Chelsea and chukka boots in case you’re putting on an outfit for the office, a professional meeting, or even a wedding. Leather chukkas are great for smart-casual events, whereas suede ones are perfect for formal ones.