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Men’s Leather Backpacks: Carry Your Cargo in Style

Global market research agencies expect the increased demand for leather bags in the Asia Pacific region to remain steady in the period until 2023. Not all of these leather goods are handcrafted, however, a good portion of them are. Now, what makes people go for these kinds of bags in an era of 3D printers and streamlined mass production of anything from a toothpick to a full-sized ute?

It’s not easy to pinpoint the exact reason behind this. At the same time, it’s hard to miss the expansion of communities which are set up to appreciate the value of handcrafted products. And to a degree, everyone wants to give it a try, especially in simple DIY projects.

High-quality leather works require input from an experienced artisan. The skills (and trade secrets) are passed from one generation to the next, maybe that’s why reputable leather workshops are family owned and operated. It’s the touch of artisan work, which is so hard to find in mass production, that is so appealing.

Leather Men’s Bags

Men want their bags to be made from leather because they are long-lasting. Good leather is practically a long term investment and one that can even be passed on to the next generation. So your typical choices like a messenger bag, briefcase, or laptop bag will not only help you stylish chaps stand out from the crowd, but they will also age well. Like wine. And they require almost no maintenance.

leather backpack on a chair

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The same goes for your leather travel bags (duffle or proper bag) that help you to travel in style. Those that have already covered these leather bag essentials or want a more casual option can go for the leather backpack. Although unfairly put aside your leather mens backpack is the ultimate travel backpack for the “dot on the I, the cross on the T” kind of men.

Leather Travel Backpack

For years, Sidney – Melbourne has been one of the busiest passenger air routes in the world (Brisbane – Sidney and Brisbane – Melbourne don’t fall far behind either). If you are a regular on any of these routes, having a durable backpack will come in very handy. And for those of you who are wondering whether a backpack can be checked in as a carry on, you’ll be happy to learn that yes, it can.

leather travel bag

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While length, height and width can vary from model to model, generally speaking, they can be taken aboard. These pieces of gear are very convenient for travelling because they are small enough not to be considered a luggage bag, but at the same time, they lack the formality and rigidness that comes with professional bags like laptop bags and briefcases.

When you decide to embark on a weekend getaway, a leather backpack is just what you need to pack for an overnight stay. And if your travel takes longer then a couple of days, these type of backpacks are great to carry extra items you wouldn’t put in your check-in luggage, but you can’t see putting them in a laptop bag as well.

Recognizing a Good Leather Backpack When You See One


There is an elaborate leather grading system based on the part of the hide used to make the material. Many products bear the name genuine leather, when in fact they are nothing like leather.

Full-grain leather is of the highest quality, has a smooth surface and no visible flaws. Real leather absorbs moisture and when put to the flame develops a slight char. Faux leather burns and will only allow water drops to slide on its surface.

leather materials

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It is possible that you don’t want to expose your bag to an open flame in order to find out about its origin. You can turn to your senses: if it smells like leather and if it feels like leather, most likely it is.


The best way to recognize handcrafted leather mens backpack is to look for marks of artisan work. This doesn’t mean you are looking for cracks and imperfections, it means that you are paying attention to the details like hardware and signs of manual handling.

High-quality buckles, straps and zippers speak volumes about the way the bag was put together. Then you check the stitching, both the quality of the strands and the way everything is designed. Beware, for there can be stitches that don’t hold anything together but only serve as a finishing touch. There is no glue in your handmade leather backpack.

Wearing the Versatile Leather Backpack

There is a multitude of backpack designs to choose from and they all have their distinctive appeal. Having a lot of different colours at disposal (Cognac, Hunter, Brown, Tan, Tobacco and Black) doesn’t make things easier. This might lead one to think men backpacks in leather are a perfect match for any outfit and occasion, however, that’s not always the case.

To begin with, decades of women fashion made leather bags ubiquitous. This made them so iconic to a degree that many believe leather bags are just for women. Keep an eye on the design features if you don’t want to end up wearing a backpack made for women.

Versatile Leather Backpack

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Men’s backpacks are bigger than those meant for ladies. On the other hand, the pockets and compartments available on the outside of the bag are (generally) smaller on mens backpacks compared to their equivalents in women’s fashion.

It’s sort of an etiquette blunder – or breaking an unwritten rule if you wish – to wear a backpack in a business setting. While this can be subjective, you definitely shouldn’t wear your men’s backpack with a suit, even if the backpack is made of leather. Not because of etiquette, but because the shoulder straps are guaranteed to visibly wrinkle the shoulder and the back area of your suit jacket. If worn during prolonged periods of time, the backpack might ruin your jacket’s shoulder padding.

Carry your bags by their handles while doing business (briefcase, laptop bag) and go for a leather backpack when you want to be more casual. It’s one of the reasons these backpacks are so versatile – they look good on anything but a suit.