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Modern Interior Design Solutions – Steps to Installing Curtain Tracks

Hanging a pair of curtains can be a quick and budget-friendly way to make a room more inviting and homey. Besides improving the overall feel and look of your home, curtains also offer a lot of great benefits. Regulating natural light, increasing privacy, providing good insulation are just a few of them. And although choosing the proper curtains for your home is very important, another thing not to disregard is choosing the right curtain tracks. These units play a huge role in the way your new curtains will look and without them, they cannot even be hanged.

When it comes to curtain track systems, there are plenty of options available, but the most popular ones are definitely the S-Fold tracks. They are simple but luxurious and that’s what makes them the ideal modern and elegant finish. S-wave tracks allow the curtain to glide effortlessly while holding each fabric fold perfectly in place. As for their mounting method, they can be either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted.


How to Install Curtain Tracks?

The installation process of this track system is very simple and you can probably do it yourself. When your S-Fold curtain tracks arrive, you will receive the curtain track at the specific length you have ordered, brackets (depending on what you have selected in your order, they can be extension or standard), curtain tape, hooks, and wand/s. Once you have your items for installation, you will also need the right tools to get the job done. Your tool kit should include a grey lead pencil, a small cordless drill (in case you need to pre-drill holes), you might also need to pre-drill your brackets holes (especially if you have an older house), cordless screwdriver, installation screws, a step ladder if necessary and a spirit level. Before you begin, make sure you organize the tracks by laying each one of them in front of the window. This will save you time and make the installation process easier.


If you decide to wall mount your tracks, then the first step is adjusting the brackets to the right position and ensure you can come over the top of the curtain and clear any obstructions that may stop the curtain from moving and hanging freely. Also, make sure the brackets are all placed in the same position. The next step is finding the timber stands that run through the wall. Make sure you find as many as possible and then fit the brackets into them. When you are done with this, the third step is fixing the brackets to the wall. Ensure they are spaced evenly and fix them across the wall where the track is going to be placed. You can use a string line so you can be sure that all the brackets are set straight. When kept open, the full weight of the curtain will be at the end, so make sure you add one additional bracket. When you are done with bracket installation, make sure the cams are all in an open position so you can present the track and lock the cams in place. Once you’ve completed this simple process, your curtain track will be fully installed and ready to hang the curtain.



For this method, you should start by fixing the brackets onto the track. The cam locks on the brackets should be open so that you can place them on the top of the curtain track and close them. Once you do this with all brackets, space them evenly across the track. The next step is fixing the S-Fold track along with the brackets to the ceiling. Make sure you hold the track in the right position and then screw the brackets right into the ceiling. After that’s done, feel free to hang your curtains.

How to Hang Curtains on a Track Rail?

Once you are ready with the installation of the track, it’s time to hang the curtain. The first step is to fit the wand(s). Start with opening up the hook that is at the top of the wand. For this, you need to use a pair of long-nose pliers. The track itself has inserted a wand runner which is a small piece with a metal loop. To install the wand, insert the hook of the wand into the metal loop. When you get your S-Folding track you will also get a packet of plastic curtain hooks that need to inserted into the heading tape – that’s your next step. The curtain tape contains little box pockets. All of the pockets where you should insert the hook should be marked with a dot. So, if you need to place the first hook into the third pocket, you should leave five pockets and then insert the second one.

Place the curtain over your shoulder. Space out all the runners across the width of the track and start with clipping the first hook into the first runner and repeat the step until you are completely done. Make sure you don’t miss any of the hooks because if you do, you will need to start all over again. Once you attach all hooks, you can leave the curtain to hang. Adjust the heading tape if needed and you’ll be all set.


How to Cover the Tracks?

Whether you have installed a wall-mounted or a ceiling-mounted S-Fold curtain track system, they both look great even uncovered. However, depending on your personal style and taste, you may want to cover the track and make it visually invisible. In that case, keep in mind that there are several ways to do that and styles you can choose from to cover the track. So, whether you want to cover the track because you don’t want it to be visible or you just want to enhance the decor of the room, you can choose from valances made of the same fabric as your curtains, wood valances, and valances that have a material mounted over the frame. If you have love for all things simple and want the entire focus to be on your new curtains, you don’t really need valances. On the other hand, if you prefer clean lines you can consider installing wooden valances with a crisp trim. No matter what you choose, it is important to go with something you will love looking at for years to come.