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Paslode Tools: Where Quality Meets Excellence

If you’ve spent some time in construction sites, or hammered away at more DIY projects than you can recall, you might have come across distinct orange and black nailing guns from an industry leader and innovator, Paslode. They were the first tool manufacturers to come up with innovative nailing solutions, that make construction, carpentry and joinery work easier and faster. The company was the first to create the Stapling Hammer, used for aircraft construction in the Second World War, and two decades later conjured what would become the world’s first Pneumatic Nailer. 

Fast forward to 1986, and a product that revolutionised the industry, the Impulse range of gas-actuated nailing systems, now known simply as a nail gun, came to fruition. These did away with compressors, hoses and cords, instead using a unique combination of gas from a fuel cell and battery generated spark. Tooling giants Illinois Tool Works (ITW) bought them out that same year, with exclusive rights to the patent and now feature within the portfolio. The company today remains the leading brand in cordless and pneumatic nailing guns, brad nailers, staplers and fasteners and nail packs for the same. A wide array of products are available for both light domestic and heavy-duty, professional use, 

Framing Nailers

Close-up of Paslode farming nailer
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First, fix nailing guns or framing nailers are mainly used in initial construction work where framing, flooring and roofing are involved. They’re also suitable for rough carpentry and woodwork. These types of nail guns are some of the larger Paslode tools available, take heavy-duty batteries and drive even larger nails, up to 90mm on a variety of different surfaces and materials quickly and with minimal fuss. Framing nailers can shoot almost 200 nails a minute, and optioned with long-lasting batteries allow users a full day’s work on one charge. Paslode framing guns use a combination of gas fuel cells and batteries in their cordless framing nailers, which offer higher power and nailing speed when compared to the competition, as well as longer run times. 

The company also makes some of the smallest and lightest framing nailers around, Nailers scrub a little over 3 kilos, allowing for more comfort, less fatigue and better usability. 

Finishing Nailers

Close-up of Paslode finishing nailer
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Finishing nail guns are smaller, lighter and used in finishing projects, hence the name. They’re also called second-fix nailers. They use smaller nails than framing nailers so are ideal in intricate interior work, where clean, flush finishes are required. Typical uses include door frames and window casings, light cabinetry work, fixing mouldings to floorboards and more. The gun can fire up to 120 nails a minute in larger 16mm or 16 gauge nails. Finishing nailers come as either straight or angled, with the latter being more suitable in tight spaces.

For odd jobs around the house, a small and light finishing nail gun is more than up to the task, whereas professionals will usually need a framing gun at the onset of the project and a finishing nailer to complete the task to the level of finish required. 

Brad Nailers and Staplers

Variations of finishing nailer, brad nailers take smaller nails or brads. These are often shorter in overall length, but can still be purchased in common gauges (16G and 18G. Brads are often headless, allowing for easy embedding into wood, so are ideal when adding wood trims or in cabinetry work. Paslode Brad nailers are cordless, and work as their bigger finishing and framing siblings, with the use of gas actuated fuel cell, and a lithium-ion battery for longer run times, higher firing speeds, and better efficiency. 

Staple guns drive staples of different sizes instead of nails. These can be seen in heavy-duty exterior work, or more often in light interior tasks ranging from insulation, upholstery setting, carpeting, wiring jobs, and general arts and crafts. 

Standout Features on Paslode Nailers

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There are several iterations of Paslode framing, finishing and brad guns, as well as staplers. Newer models improve on older variants. For framing nailers, look for incredibly low weight coupled with unrivalled firing power that no other manufacturer can match. The new XP and XI lines of framing nailers speed up operation by adding a quick release magazine, high capacity batteries that allow for 90 minutes of continuous usage or 13000 nails, the use of nails in varying gauges and types (ring shank nails) and extended functionality in a range of weather conditions. Newer versions have electrical functionality with LED indicators showing remaining fuel and power.

Which Paslode Nailing Gun is Right for You?

This will depend on the type of work you do. For tasks around the house, any finishing nailer will be handy. For construction work, with nails in bigger gauges and lengths, then a framing nailer is what you need. Most tradies will have both types. Newer tech and added features in more recent Paslode tools can mean a premium over older models, but they offer quicker operation, more durability and ease of use.