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Preventive Concrete Truck Maintenance Steps To Take

When you buy concrete truck, model, type and brand is not your only concern. Regular maintenance is as well. To ensure a peak performance and long service life of your concrete truck, preventive maintenance is the key.

Preventive maintenance does not only reduce the possibility of future breakdowns or costly repairs, but it has a major impact on the overall performance of your concrete truck. Since preparing concrete may leave hard compounds in the mixing drum of the concrete truck which are really hard to remove (concrete buildup), it is crucial to wash your concrete truck on a daily basis or after each use in order to extend the life of the truck. Although a routine washing, it is the easiest and most efficient way to keep your concrete truck clean for many years to come.

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To keep your concrete truck in top condition for many years, here are few more preventive concrete truck maintenance steps you need to take.

Clean The Mixing Drum

The most essential maintenance step is cleaning the mixing drum after each use. Washing does not only improve the aesthetics of your concrete truck, but keeps your mixing drum clean and in excellent condition as well. The concrete in the mixing drum gets hard in a really short period of time and is very hard to remove, even with a jackhammer. To avoid this as well as hassle-free and smooth operation, wash the mixing drum right after concrete production. Routine wash is simple and easy to do. Make it a part of your preventive maintenance program.

Check Tires Air Pressure

Check the air pressure of the tires at least once a month. To do so, use an accurate tire-pressure gauge. Check the pressure when the tires are cold. Not right after it’s been used, but prior to starting any work. If the tires pressure is not according to your owner’s manual, adjust it properly. Also, inspect the overall condition of the tires for wear, cuts, blisters and tear.

Check The Engine Oil

Just as with any other vehicle, you need to check the engine oil of your concrete truck for preventative purposes. Check the engine oil on a monthly basis; look for oil leaks; or see if there’s need to replace the oil. To get an accurate dipstick reading from you engine oil, your truck needs to be parked on a level ground. If there is any leak or other oil-related issue, fix it immediately.

Check The Brakes

Since concrete production takes place in tough environments, it is very important to have the brakes of the concrete trucks working properly. You should check the brakes at least twice a year, but if you are using the concrete truck more, often check-ups are suggested. If you are skilled enough, remove all wheels and check the brake system, but if not, have a professional to do it. Bad drums or rotors and worn out work pads or linings must be replaced as soon as possible. Of course, with genuine parts only. Thus buy concrete truck brand that you know you’ll always find genuine spare parts.