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Simple Steps to Give Your Outfits a Chic Casual Country Vibe

The casual country style seems to attract a certain kind of girl. One that has an adventurous heart and the courage to oppose the mainstream fashion norms. Women’s country wear is one of those rare styles that allow you to be bold and practical while accentuating your feminine side. It breaks the traditional rules that used to tell ladies that they need to be polished and elegant in order to be pretty.

Yes, you can be casual, comfortable and ready to hit the country – and still look feminine and beautiful at the same time. Here are all the ways you can introduce into your style and bring out your wild side.

Denim Is the Ultimate Casual Country Staple

The best way to start experimenting with country casuals clothing is to get yourself some traditional Western denim pieces. Denim is a hard-wearing UV resistant material which has always been the choice for cowboys and people living in the harsh country areas. It’s also a fabric that’s always trending in fashion in one way or another.

There are many ways you can incorporate denim into your outfits whether in the form of jeans, jackets, short pants or skirts. When it comes to country casual jeans, there’s an array for you to choose from. Bootcut, flares, skinny jeans or cropped and distressed mum jeans – they all work. You can opt for more minimalist styles to play it safe or go for bolder jean designs decorated with classic Western embroidery, beads and similar details.

Denim jackets are also a great country casual wear choice. Oversized denim jackets can look especially chic when paired with a cute floral dress. As for the wash, the general rule of thumb is – the lighter the denim, the more casual the look.

Fun and Flirty Tops

off shoulder top paired with denim shorts

source: @levis

Even though it’s practical and hard-wearing, country casual clothing can also be cute and fun. Be sure to soften up your jeans, denim skirt or shorts with a cute top that has a laid-back design. Some of the best styles for country casual tops are flowy peasant tops, off the shoulder tops, cold shoulder tops, front tie tops, and soft cotton tees.

Sleeveless work shirts with a feminine design are also a great choice. Any top that features a fringe, lace, a few ruffles or wide flowy sleeves can also give you that country casual charm.

Plaid or Gingham – The Classic Country Shirts

For a more recognizable cowgirl look, you may want to pair your denim bottoms with a plaid or gingham button-down shirt. Out of all fabric patterns, plaid and gingham are the ones that scream country. These types of shirts look really cool and sexy when styled in the right way.

Wear the shirt unbuttoned with rolled-up sleeves and throw on a cute monochromatic camisole underneath in a complementing colour. Or simply tie the bottom of the shirt at your waist and unbutton a few buttons at the top to open your neckline and add a pretty antique necklace as a statement. Cotton plaid and gingham shirts are traditional and hard-wearing, but if you want to look a touch more elegant, try a silky gingham blouse.

Cute Floral Dresses Have a Country Vibe Too

Floral dresses make country casual outfits, as long as you stay away from anything too formal and cocktail-like, or a dress that is tailored. Instead, go for something that’s airy and wavy to accentuate your girly and feminine side. You want the design to be a bit form-fitting at the waist while falling down beautifully. Focus on pieces that are made of cotton or cotton blends and have a light, summery feel.

Don’t Forget Your Cowboy Boots

There’s no doubt that cowboy boots have a long history  as the defining symbol of country wear. Pairing them with a loose floral dress, a short denim skirt or tucking your jeans into them can instantly transform a standard outfit into a country-chic one. And since there’s such a wide range of cowboy boots to choose from, you can find a pair to complement every outfit. You can opt for a pair of boots with a higher heel to give your casual outfit a small dose of elegance or get flat boots for feeling comfortable around town.

Add the Finishing Touch with Traditional Western Accessories

To tie your casual country look together, put on some cute Western accessories like a slouchy suede cross-body bag, an Akruba hat, a bolo tie or some Western statement jewellery. When it comes to Western jewellery, big and bold is always a great choice. Think long and dangly necklaces, jewellery with feathers, beading, hoops, turquoise stones and gems. Antique silver jewellery also looks great with this style along with hammered jewellery. Big belts with statement metal buckles can add a powerful touch to a feminine floral dress.