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Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Right Puppy Nappies

There are many reasons why dogs need to wear diapers occasionally. If your dog lives at home and you’re potty training them, wearing diapers until they become aware of their needs and create a bathroom habit is a good idea. Senior dogs that have trouble getting up and going outside on time also wear diapers. Having trouble walking and controlling their urges may force puppy owners to get diapers for everyday use. Urinary incontinence caused by a urinary tract infection or diabetes can also be a valid reason. And last, female dogs that are in heat also need diapers. To avoid stains all over the house, veterinarians recommend wearing diapers at this time.

Types of Dog Diapers

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There are several types of dog diapers with different materials and usage, and some even have wetness indicators, so you’ll know when to change them. But overall, every diaper should be absorbent on the inside and waterproof on the outside.


Disposable diapers are suitable for occasional use. They are similar to baby diapers and must be thrown in the trash after usage. You can buy them if the dog uses them occasionally. If the dog needs them for a longer period of time, then they’re not a good option. This is because they’ll add up in costs and are less breathable than fabric diapers, leading to skin issues. Plus, it’s not environmentally friendly.


These are perfect for dogs that need to wear them often. After usage, you can clean them, and your dog can wear them again. This is an eco-friendly option that won’t break your budget. It may seem expensive to buy, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

Belly Bands

Belly bands are also reusable and economical. They don’t look like a diaper because the band wraps across the crotch area and doesn’t come in contact with the tail. They often look stylish and are available in many different colours.DIY Reusable Diaper
If you’re crafty and skilled, you can make your own reusable diaper at home. They will save you some extra money and fit your dog perfectly because they’re custom made. Yes, cleaning them can be messy, but dogs are our family, and we do everything for our family.

Maintain Their Hygiene

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Now that your dog has a diaper on, it’s really important to take care of their hygiene because they can’t do it independently. If they can’t get up or have a disease such as black diarrhea that prevents them from performing their bodily functions, cleaning their body is up to you. Check and change their diaper regularly to avoid the risk of urinary tract infections. This is important because bacteria from urine and stool can easily travel back to the urethra and cause problems.
This is especially common in female dogs – that’s why wearing proper sanitary pads for female dogs is helpful. Diapers prevent germs and dirt from getting into the urethra, but be careful. When you’re changing the diaper, check for rashes and irritations, give the dog some break from wearing the diaper and brush their coat often. This way you’ll make sure your puppy is dry and clean at all times.

How to Keep Dog Diapers On?

You can consider yourself lucky if your dog doesn’t try to take off its diaper. Many pets don’t like having any clothes on them and will take them off when they have a chance. If your dog is one of them, there are a couple of ways to prevent it from doing this. You can use suspenders to keep the diaper in place. They will attach with closures and are adjustable so you can fit them according to your dog’s size and length.
Another way is to wear a onesie over the diaper. It’s hard for the dog to take it off, and the diaper will be in place. This helped a lot of dog parents during their hard times. Nighttime can also cause discomfort for your dog if it sleeps in the diaper. That’s why you can buy an elevated bed with a mesh surface. This way, the urine can pass through the mess and straight into the tray underneath. Later in the day, you can groom it and clean it with the proper products.

Choosing the Correct Size

Choosing the correct diaper size is essential. It all starts with the weight of the dog. After that, you should consider the breed, gender, medical condition and length. Measure your dog while it’s standing to get the right measurement. It may take some time and experimenting to get the right size, but ultimately, you have to get it right to avoid accidents, make the dog comfortable, and not buy too tight diapers.
Often, male dogs need one size larger than they are because of their anatomy. It’s easier with sanitary pads for female dogs. The dog’s width of the hips and the distance from its waist to the base of the tail are also important. Because there are many brands, their sizes may differ slightly, so be patient until you find the right size and fit.

How to Put a Diaper on Your Dog?

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Before putting the diaper on the dog, make sure it’s calm and comfortable. If needed, talk to him with a reassuring voice and pet them until you’re confident it’s relaxed. It may be more challenging if it’s your and their first time, but be patient, and if the dog responds to treats, use them as a calming weapon. Always clean the dog before getting it in the diaper, including its back legs and groins. Use wet baby wipes, dog-friendly wipes or a regular damp towel. This way, you’ll prevent infections and rashes.
Be careful when you’re putting the tail through the hole. Dogs don’t like when someone touches their tail and this may cause irritation and make them resist. If you feel like the hole is too small for the tail, you can cut it to make it wider. Wrap the diaper around its waist and make sure it fits well, not too tight, not too loose. Fasten the Velcro’s, and you’re done.

In Summary

Taking good care of your pet during these challenging times is very important. Pets rely on us for help and for keeping them healthy. There are things they can’t do on their own, and we should be there to make their life easier and more comfortable.