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Step Up Your Wedding Décor Game with the Perfect Chair Covers

If this is your first wedding, you might think that chairs are just chairs and that you’ll use the ones provided by the venue. Unfortunately, most venues are unlikely to offer seating that matches the décor of your big day. In such cases, you can’t change the unsightly seating, but you can dress up your wedding chairs with beautiful covers and create an effortlessly chic wedding look everyone will talk about.

What Are Wedding Chair Covers?

Wedding chair covers are one-size-fits-all slipcovers that cover the entire chair. These slips are intended to hide any unsightly patterns, colours, or signs of wear and tear on the furniture. They’re pretty beneficial since they cover everything from the ground up. White chair covers are the most popular ones, although other colours are also available. For instance, black chair covers can be an elegant option for your evening wedding.

white chair covers with purple ribbons
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Why Should You Use Chair Covers on Your Special Day?

If you don’t want Grandma’s priceless chairs to lose their regal lustre, or if you want to protect your expensive seats from damage and blemishes, use chair seat covers, and you won’t have to worry about spills. On the other hand, think carefully before placing your guests on outdated, unwelcoming seats for hours during your most important event. Chair seat covers are good for disguising damage to sensitive portions, such as scratches on the legs or other exposed places. They also provide an excellent drape to worn out dowdy chairs, i.e. party chair covers are essential for breathing life into worn-out chairs. Most chair covers are machine washable, making them simple to maintain.

Types of Wedding Chairs to Consider

Before ordering chair seat covers, make sure you know your venue’s seating. Banqueting and Chiavari chairs are the two most common types in hotels, older restaurants, and event spaces. The Banqueting chair comprises a simple metal frame and a padded, sometimes patterned seat. The Chiavari chair is less widespread than the banqueting chair because it is newer.

dusty blue rustic wedding decor with white rose on chair
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These models are very stylish, lightweight, and have joints that look like bamboo. A Chiavari chair is elegant enough, and it doesn’t require a wedding chair cover; instead, a sash, ruffle hood, or chiffon drape can be used to incorporate it into the theme.

Folding chairs are the most common type for outdoor events or casual celebrations. A cross back chair is a rapidly growing new trend that works well with rustic wedding themes or outdoor tipi weddings. Each of these wedding chairs has a distinct design. So, it’s critical to discuss the perfect style and size with your event decorator before making any chair rental reservations.

Chair Cover Fabrics to Level Up Your Décor Game


Spandex chair covers are wrinkle-free, stain-resistant fitted coverings (the equivalent of a fitted sheet) with foot pockets to connect the cover to the chair legs for a snug fit. Because the spandex is a stretchy elastic material, any creases in the chair cover will stretch out when pushed into position, saving you time as you won’t have to iron them. However, the setup may take a little longer because you’ll need to tie the pockets rather than simply slipping them over the seats.

spandex chair covers with golden ribbons
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Polyester chair covers fit over conventional foldable chairs or banquet chairs and has seams along with the seat and crown of the backrest. Polyester is a durable stain and wrinkle-resistant material, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious DIY brides and event planners. These covers work well for those with a tight deadline because they are simple to put on and take off.


Satin chair covers are made of glossy satin fabric. Their sheen adds sophistication and formality to any event, but don’t worry, no matter how shiny they are, your guests won’t slide off. Like polyester chair covers, Satin chair covers feature seams along with the seat and crown of the backrest and may require ironing- use a pressing cloth between the satin and the iron or steam it to remove unwanted wrinkles.

satin chair sashes with golden satin ribbons and white flowers
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Since they are simple to put on and take off for a quick setup, a satin cover, like the polyester, can work well if you have a short takedown time. Although not so trendy, ruffles, dimensional rosettes, and pintuck are some other fabric options available on the market.

Ways to Style Your Wedding Chair Covers

A blush pink satin bow is ideal for a flirtatious, feminine, and classic wedding décor. To make the colour of the bow stand out, pair it with either a tight-fitting or a loose-fitting white chair cover. If you want to add a manly colour to your wedding decor, blush pink blends well with navy blue.

Using brilliant autumnal hues and greenery against a crisp white spandex chair cover creates a stunning earth-toned floral wedding décor. Colour contrast is most substantial when paired with tight-fitting chair covers. If you’re searching for something unusual, this is an excellent nature-inspired option. Dramatic royal blue chair ties will add a majestic touch to your wedding. They look lovely against a pure white chair cover.

The chair design is an excellent opportunity to express yourself on your wedding day. Use royal blue elements throughout the ceremony, whether in the bridesmaid dresses or a royal blue hairpiece. It’s no surprise that satin and chiffon are popular wedding fabrics because they complement each other so nicely. Using two contrasting materials in your decor will add texture and attractiveness.

For a lovely and feminine effect, add a piece of tulle to the back of your wedding chair. You can use tulle as the only fabric to spruce up your plain wedding chairs or layer it over a chair cover and sash to add a touch of elegance to your décor.