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Step up Your Flying Game: Pilot’s Guide to iPad Accessories

There’s no denying the truth that electronics are our lifeline in the contemporary world. We use them for a multitude of purposes, from professional to social to entertainment. Their uses have further developed with the many technological advancements, making them a powerful tool capable of almost anything. A perfect example of this and the topic of our article is IPads. These gadgets have become a game-changer in our everyday lives with their accessibility and powers. And despite these helpful and positive characteristics, they’re still sensitive and can easily break. All it takes is one wrong move and one fall for them to need repair or be non-functional.

Although what I’ve described so far is universal for all IPad users, one category of people has many problems with this, and they’re an essential part of their work. They are pilots who do one of the most stressful and hard jobs in the world. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you the world of aviation is not easy and require years of training and exhaustive knowledge. A particular problem is the navigation and data analysis with which IPads are a great help. As such, there are many accessories to ensure that your IPad is safe and usable, like an IPad kneeboard, cases, and antiglare protection screens.

ipad kneeboard case

Kneeboard Case

As previously mentioned, IPads are a great help for navigation and data analysis, two crucial parameters when flying. That said, an IPad kneeboard case use is just that, to make the IPad accessible to use at all times as you’re flying. The way it does this is very simple, and choosing one is based on several features.

Model and Dimensions

The first thing you want to check is if the case fits your IPad model. There are two ways to do this. The first one is to check the model it fits. Commonly, all cases have a product description that specifies the exact model, and some cases are universal. An example is the custom knee mount for the original Apple iPad, which goes with almost every model. However, some are for one and only one, like the ASA iPad rotating kneeboard, which goes with the 9.7″ model. Another way is to check out the dimensions, which can be trickier. But, if you have an IPad mini-tablet or an iPhone, you shouldn’t worry. There are many IPad mini kneeboards for them.


In terms of technology, every IPad kneeboard case is simple and understandable. It’s made of soft leather material that makes it comfortable to touch and have on your leg, and you attach it by using velcro straps. It’s that simple and easy to use. Nonetheless, there are several types to choose from, and they all have some extra features.

The first one is a classic that doesn’t move or rotate and is static on your leg. The second one offers more freedom, as you can rotate it to better suit your needs, with most of them being able to rotate 360 degrees. Some of them can also be equipped with anti-slip pads for extra stability. Furthermore, some new contact strips enable better heat dissipation and optimal air circulation.

The third allows you to mount your IPad, therefore having it in front of you at all times. However, that’s not the strongest benefit to it. The reason why this one stands out is that it’s made of black, smooth polycarbonate. As such, the protective quality of this one and its endurance is much better compared to the previous two. Thereby, not only does it offer stability and functionality, but it’s also capable of protecting your IPad from almost any fall.

With that in mind, the last type is the active cooling one. These come with fans that constantly cool your IPad. The two goals are to keep it optimal and to ensure it doesn’t overheat. You can use it with a micro USB or with the battery itself. There’s also a battery indicator with green, yellow, and red colours. Furthermore, the fans are as silent as possible so you can concentrate at all times. This type is especially beneficial if you’re using many programs at the same time and want your IPad to be functional at all times. Additionally, it ensures that your leg is always cool and not toasty from the heat.

pilot ipad kneeboard


Of course, there are many benefits to using these cases. Aside from the standard advantage of making your job easier, they also ensure that your IPad is always safe and sound. Let’s be honest, how many times have we dropped just our phone this month while answering calls or sitting on the couch? Now, imagine how many times you would drop your IPad when in a cabin, and you have to constantly move and make quick movements. This is especially true with any type of protective case.

With that in mind, the main advantage is that they’re cost-efficient and prevent any damage. They might cost some money to buy initially and are an investment, but they’ll save you much more in the long term. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about recovering any of your lost data due to damage. Finally, they guarantee that nothing will happen to your IPad at work, where it is indispensable to you maneuvring the plane up in the sky. If you want to ensure that there will always be a safe and easy flight, ensure that all your tools are always available and safe.

Protection Screens

If you want to get even more extra safety and security, you can get an armour glass screen protector. The screen is the most sensitive part of our IPad and breaks easily, and is also the most expensive part to repair. Additionally, it can take a lot of time to repair as screens are always tricky.

Furthermore, the new glass screen protectors are so well-made that you won’t even notice them there, as they’re paper-thin. Yet, they’ll prevent fingertips and scratches while still having the same feel and clarity. Also, they’re more or less able to absorb any impact, so you won’t have to worry about a fall.