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Step Up Your Gin Gifting Game with These Amazing Ideas

Gin is a fabulous alcoholic drink that gained popularity because of its unique taste. The juniper that gives gin its name has a varied flavour profile: it’s dry, herbaceous, and has a subtle freshness to it. With the addition of other botanicals such as lemon peel, coriander, and pepper, you have a lovely drink that dances on your tongue. Its versatility in terms of mixing makes gin the perfect present for your loved ones. Depending on the occasion, if a bottle of commercial gin is a cliché for you, and you are searching for something more gin-thoughtful, then you should consider the following ideas.

Gift Ideas for Gin Enthusiasts

A Bottle of Craft Gin

gin and green lemon
source: allrecipes.com

What makes craft gin special is the process of its making. It is distilled in small batches and has a brand ethos that is driven by a desire to create a beautiful gin for craft gin enthusiasts to enjoy. Craft gin distillers normally acquire their ingredients locally, and their goods are made with a lot of attention.

Before you buy craft gin and surprise your loved ones with this treat, do a little research because of gin’s growing popularity many distilleries and gin clubs label their products as “craft gin,” when they’re just utilizing the term to attract more customers and cash in on the growing gin boom. Since there is always something to celebrate, buy craft gin to create memories that will last forever. Cheers!

The Perfect Taste Deserves Perfect Serving

Gin glasses aren’t only for looks; they are also a great way to enhance the smell, taste, and textures of this fabulous drink. Each type of glass creates a unique drinking experience because they have a different role for various types of drinks and cocktails.

A set of “Copa de Balon” glasses will be perfect for someone who enjoys the taste of a refreshing gin tonic. The wide brim of the glass elevates the fragrance of your G&T up to your nose, allowing you to fully appreciate the drink’s aroma as you sip! Given gin’s excellent natural botanicals, this is especially crucial in allowing G&T drinkers to enjoy the entire range of flavours in their cocktail. Because of the bulbous bow of a Copa glass, there is plenty of room for a lot of ice, so the drink will stay cooler for longer and suffer less dilution.

Another term for cocktail glass is the Martini glass. It’s perfect for serving short cocktails or the traditional Martini without ice. Because the long stem of a martini glass prevents the drinker’s hand from warming the chilled liquid, these famous glasses are designed to maintain your sip at the perfect temperature.

“Australian Gin”- The Book

gin books and glass of gin
source: craftginclub.co.uk

Anytime you think about choosing a present for your gin enthusiast, just imagine them laying on your couch with a glass of gin in one hand and a book in the other, just perfect, right?! Even more so if that book is about gin. The “Australian Gin” book is all about showing the world the uniqueness of Aussie gin’s flavour. You will read through information about 80 distilleries that kicked off the current gin frenzy, including the people who run them, the gins they make, and their cellar doors, among other things. A list of dozens of newbies is also available. In addition, it covers other subject matters such as, What exactly is gin?; The history of Australian gin; Different gin styles; Starting a distillery; The issues distilleries have to face; How to enjoy gin and more. All for the price of a craft gin bottle.

Gin Infused Chocolate

gin and chocolate
source: craftginclub.co.uk

Chocolate and gin are a match made in heaven. Chocolate is a delicious and exciting option to surprise someone even when there is no particular occasion. And, if someone loves drinking gin you may want to consider some gin infused chocolates. You can never go wrong when pairing white chocolate and gin. The aromatic tones of juniper can give delicate white chocolate a dimension of depth. To maintain the flavour of both the gin and the chocolate intact, the stronger perfumed floral gins require a more clear contrast. Both white and milk chocolate can be a little too delicate, leaving only sweetness and no cocoa flavour. However, a higher cocoa content dark chocolate, such as a good grade 70% or even 80% dark chocolate, may stand on its own, neither overpowering nor being swamped by the gin – ideally complementing each other.

Gin Distillery Tour & Tasting

Visiting a distillery, witnessing the process of making gin, and tasting it is an unbeatable present for a gin lover. These tours are ideal for vacations, afternoon or weekend trips, or giving an adventurous gin enthusiast a light push to a destination they’ve always wanted to explore.

Most gin distillery tours include an overview of their production methods and facilities, including the chance to see the distillery stills, botanicals used, and bottling setup. You can touch, taste and smell the ingredients the distillery uses in the production. In the end, there is an in-depth tasting experience of five of their core expressions, chosen by the Head Distiller, to sit, drink, and compare.