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Step Up Your Lighting Game with the Right Table Lamp

Decorating your home or apartment can be exciting, but it can also be challenging. There are numerous choices to be made, including design style, colour, and price range for everything from furniture to rugs and accents to lighting. The best way to light a home is to use a layered lighting scheme with various light sources. As a result, the table lamp is an absolute must-have for any well-lit space. Besides its function, the double dose of efficiency also includes a dash of style.

Types of Table Lamps

These mid-size portable lights are the most commonly used lighting in modern homes today. Depending on where they’re placed, aesthetically-pleasing table lamps can improve both the functionality and the ambience of a room.

Accent Lamps

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The Accent lamps are used to provide ambient light and to make a personal style statement. While they are functional, their primary purpose is to either reinforce or add a whimsical decorative touch to a room’s interior design theme. Accent lamps come in a wide range of styles, and choosing the right one is largely determined by the most important aesthetics to you. They’re a simple way to add vibrant colour, curves and texture to a room or celebrate a theme that speaks to you.

Reading Lamps

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If you feel eye strain every time you finish a chapter of your favourite novel, you might lack appropriate lighting, or you’re simply getting old! Scanning text can be difficult even in a well-lit environment. Reading lamps emit a bright, focused light that adjusts to changing lighting conditions. Dimmers are useful in living room lamps or bedside lamps at night if you read during the day. Regardless of your height or book position, they should allow you to direct the light toward your reading material.

Desk Lamps

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A good desk lamp is essential for lighting a home office, whether you have a large partner’s desk or a small mobile workstation. At your desk, you do a variety of things such as type on a computer, pay bills, make to-do lists, and so on. Your desk lamp should be bright enough to read by and large enough to accommodate items across the tabletop. Most desk lamps have tilting shades that direct light away from computer screens and onto paperwork across your desk. Moreover, modern desk lamps come with rotating or extending arms and necks that can cover a wide range of surface areas on the desktop.

Buffet Lamps

Buffet lamps are a great addition if you host dinner parties and take pride in the presentation. They not only add to the elegance of your dining room, but they also serve a practical purpose by allowing people to see the food they’re about to eat. They’re typically used in pairs on the ends of sideboards, consoles, and other serving tables. Buffet lamps are typically tall and thin to avoid the bases and shades getting in the way of hands and arms. Their light is usually softer and focused downward to create a welcoming ambience and mood.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Table Lamps

Line of Sight-Height

The bottoms of table lamp shades should be roughly at eye level when you’re seated, whether in an office chair, a sofa, or a bed. This allows you to work, read, or socialise with others without being blinded by the glare of an exposed light bulb. The direct light should also be close enough to brightly illuminate the pages of a book at the same time.

Relative Proportion – Size

Table lamps should be no more than 1 ½ times the height of the furniture on which they are placed, and the shade should never extend beyond the tabletop’s edge. Rather than relying on guesses, measure the height and circumference of your table – it’s better to be safe than sorry. On the other hand, your lamp should not be dwarfed by your table. The diameter of the shade for end tables should be at least half the table’s width. Smaller lamps can be used in pairs on long consoles and sideboards to create a pleasing visual symmetry. Although the functional benefits are usually more important than the aesthetics, the size of the desk lamp should vary based on the size of the desk.

Traffic Flow & Activity – Weight

If your room sees a lot of traffic, i.e., people walk through it frequently, you’ll want to make sure your table lamps are sturdy and don’t tip over easily. Although height plays a role, the weight and design of the base are likely to be more critical. Similarly, if you plan to spend time at a table or desk, a heavier lamp is preferable.

Where to Place Your Table Lamp

In the Hallway

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A console table is a must-have for any hallway, and a luxurious table lamp is an ideal addition. They not only provide light for when you need it, but they also add interest to an often-overlooked space.

On a Side Table

A table lamp on a side table is a great option, especially in a living room or sitting area, because lighting schemes are often completed by a layer of lighting around eye level. They provide a flattering pool of light that helps to eliminate unflattering shadows caused by general lighting, and they frequently serve as the invisible boundaries of an intimate seating area.

On a Bedside Table

A well-chosen bedside table lamp will quickly make your bedroom a tranquil sanctuary while creating a relaxing and romantic atmosphere! However, bedside table lamps should not be overpowering. Unless your furniture is indeed grand, go for a smaller design than you would for a living room or hallway.