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Step Up Your Travelwear: Choose the Right Pair of Shoes for Your Next Trip

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When planning your next trip, choosing proper travelling shoes is crucial, otherwise, you risk blisters, sore feet and discomfort the whole time while you are away. A deal-breaker, right? So, read on for a few tips that will help you find the right pair.

Think About Your Planned Activities

Adventures and trips are versatile, and so are shoes. That being said, ask yourself, will you hit the busy streets of big cities, will you explore dense jungles, or are you going hiking? For those of you that plan walking on hard sidewalks and explore urban places, tennis or running shoes should be your priority. These shoes are designed to provide cushion and comfort for those long days walking around big, new cities.


Next, if you are more into walking on trails or rugged terrain, you need to consider a pair of trail runners or light hikers. These shoes are sturdy, protective and made to be worn on long adventures and still not lose their texture and features. For these occasions, you may also need to consider waterproof shoes since you can’t always know the conditions you are going to hike through.

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Finally, if you plan on attending dressier events, then don’t forget to pack at least one pair of dress shoes. Be mindful though, prioritize comfort over fashion if you must choose between the two. Luckily, there are comfy shoes that don’t sacrifice style. Or, if you want to save on space in your suitcase, you can pack dressy shoes that you can use for walks around the city too.

Check the Weather

Always check the weather before you start your journey. Granted, you can’t always know for sure, but if you are travelling to a place with a warmer climate and long, sunny days, then you need lighter travelling shoes that will allow your feet to breathe. Contrary to this, if you’re headed to a colder destination, find a pair of travelling shoes that can keep you warm and dry the entire trip. In the end, remember, you will surely be spending most of your time outside sightseeing and making memories.

Don’t Forget the Socks

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Socks are also vital and can improve the whole experience. Again, you should choose the right type according to the shoes you’ll choose and the weather conditions that await you. When hiking, it is recommended that you avoid typical cotton socks. These are highly absorbent but dry slowly, so they get saturated with sweat and stay that way. Unfortunately, this condition can cause blisters quite quickly. Instead, opt for merino wool socks. They regulate the temperature well, wick the moisture and absorb a lot more sweat. Besides that, merino wool socks are more cushiony than cotton ones and will give your feet a little bit of extra padding.