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Step Up Your Workout With Pre-Workout Supplements

Are you ready to hit the gym? Maybe you’re just starting out and feel like you want to dedicate your free time to create the body you always wanted. But, do you feel tired or lazy after work or simply have no strength for today’s session? The great thing is you don’t have to delay your workout session. All you need to do is get the right pre-workout supplement that will help you boost some focus, energy and strength.

A quality pre workout product could help you endure even the most intensive workout, and give you the energy you didn’t think you had. For all beginners, here are some useful information about pre workout supplements.

What’s a Pre Workout Supplement and Who Should Take It?

If you’re new to this whole working out and supplements thing, you probably wonder what does ‘pre workout do’? Pre-workout supplements come in the form of powders or drinks that are meant to give you a sudden boost of energy and improved focus so you can make the most of your exercise session.

While it’s believed that only bodybuilders and people who exercise weight lifting should take a pre workout product, in reality, anyone who engages in physical exercise could benefit from one. There’s a wide pre workout product range designed to suit everyone. Most of these pre-workout supplements have creatine, beta-alanine, amino acids and caffeine which are all great stimulants and can increase your stamina.

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Benefits of Pre Workout Supplements

Better Performance

Have you felt that you lack motivation or felt lazy when it’s time to workout? We’ve all been there. Not every time you hit the gym you’ll feel like working out. This is why pre workout supplements are a smart choice. This type of product will increase your energy and therefore it will help you have better performance. Beta alanine which is a common ingredient in such supplements reduces fatigue during workout (especially intese workout) and will improve your endurance and will increase your muslce growth.

Better Focus

Even though you might not think that you need focus to workout, the truth is you need it just as equally as when you do your job. If you work out after work, you will likely feel tired and out of focus. Taking your pre-workout would help you better your focus and dedicate your mind to the moment. Fast-acting caffeine will improve your concentration.

Healthy Ingredients

Most of the pre workout products have BCAAs for anti-catabolic support, citrulline malate and other effective ingredients that are supporting muscle blood flow. It’s important to get your supplement from trusted sellers who will offer you a product that has clean ingredients that are good for your body and health.

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How to Take Pre Workout Supplements

When it comes to the ways of taking your pre-workout supplements, that depends mainly on the type. If it’s a powder, it is usually mixed with water or into a smoothie or juice (read the instructions), while liquids are either ready to drink, or can be added in water or other beverage.

Most of the pre workout products should be added in water (shake or stir) and then you are ready to consume them. Usually, about half a scoop of the pre-workout supplement is just enough. Add this amount to 150-200ml of cold water, shake it stir it and then drink it. It’s best if you have a suitable shaker so you can prepare your pre-workout supplement in the gym, at work or in the car, without having to deal with numerous glasses and spoons.

Just as the name suggests, the ideal time to take your pre-workout supplement is before your exercising session. The best time is about twenty to thirty minutes before. One thing you should keep in mind is that if you work out in the evenings, you should be careful how late you take your pre-workout supplement. Since these supplements contain ingredients like caffeine that are giving you energy, you might not be able to fall asleep. So, it’s best if you take this product and finish your workout at least four hours before going to bed, so the product won’t affect your sleep.

To be sure about potential unwanted effects, make sure to read the instructions and make sure you consume just the recommended dosage (not more than that. If you’re sensitive to caffeine it’s best to seek products that don’t contain it in the list of ingredients (seek green tea as a substitute ingredient).

How Long Do Pre Workout Supplements Last

This mainly depends on the product you take and the amount of stimulants in it. Usually, most of these products last four to six hours; the highest effect they have is within the first thirty to sixty minutes after you take the supplement. Most pre workout products contain 150-300mg caffeine per serving; half a scoop has 200mg caffeine.