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Steps for Choosing the Right Kappa Jersey

Kappa is considered to be one of the world’s largest sports brands worn by some of the biggest football teams and celebrities alike. This brand was born in 1967 and sponsors a wide range of European football teams such as the Spanish Real Betis, Swedish Hammarby, Italian Sampdoria and Brescia, German Werden Bremen, and Danish FC Copenhagen. This brand produces a wide range of distinctive slimline apparel not only suitable for football but also for basketball, volleyball, skiing, sailing, golf, and martial arts.

Kappa offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the contemporary lifestyle and all the garments in their collection can fill your life with style, as well as provide optimum comfort in every situation that requires you to be active.

The History of Kappa

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The Kappa brand was created as a sub-brand of the Aguila brand as a result of a production problem that had caused losses in sales. When it was initially founded it was mainly focused on the production of socks and underwear, and only in 1967, the Kappa brand got officially registered. The Omini logo dates back to 1969, picturing two silhouettes of a man and woman leaning against each other. The Kappa’s “Omini” logo was created unintentionally during a photoshoot for bathing suit advertisements for Beatrix in 1969.

This brand remains to be the most popular worn brand in Italian football, providing the kits for SSL Napoli and being the official football supplier for several professional football teams such as Real Betis, As Monaco, Florentina, Genoa, Benevento, Empoli, and others. As such, what the brand is most well-known for is their Jerseys. If you’re considering investing in a Kappa jersey, here’s what you should know.

Factors to Considers When Buying Soccer Jerseys

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Soccer jerseys are the most associative wardrobe when you think of football players. However, with such vast options, it’s hard to choose the right one. Therefore, doing some research beforehand and considering the most important features when shopping for a sports jersey can help you make a more informed decision. Here are some tips on what to look out for when buying a soccer jersey.


When picking out the clothes we wear the first thing we consider is usually the choice of material. Therefore selecting jerseys that are lightweight and include mesh side panels to help encourage airflow is always the best. The right fabric should feel breathable and soft on the skin and the seamless construction will ensure you will never feel itched, scratched, or irritated by hard seams. That said, the most common types of fabric that are used for making soccer jerseys are nylon and polyester.

Protective Features

Jerseys that are made from high-quality materials are high-performance and durable, having the qualities to wick away moisture from the human body so you can feel dry and comfortable when playing out on the pitch. Besides feeling comfortable, is also very important to feel safe and protected while on the terrain. For this reason, many of the best soccer jerseys are specially designed with strategically placed ergonomic pads. These pads help to protect the wearer from sustaining injuries and bruises, cushion impacts, and protect against contusions.


Having mentioned all these features before, let’s not forget the most important aspect when choosing a soccer jersey, which is choosing the right fit, that will enable you enough body movement and comfort when wearing it. Most on the filed jerseys are slim fitting or totally form-fitting to ensure that you have enough freedom of movement without feeling the excess fabric getting in your way. Research indicates that wearing a well-fitting uniform can have positive mental benefits, giving you enough confidence and pride by feeling positive about the way you look.

Iconic Kappa Jerseys

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Western United Adult Jersey

You can stand with the football team that represents the west by owning the official Wester United Men Adult Kappa jersey. This lightweight men’s jersey will appeal to any soccer player or football fan. Made from 100% lightweight polyester fabric, this Kappa jersey features a modern, sleek design and appropriate team colours.

In addition, the hydro-way moisture fabric technology enables your body to regulate its own temperature which helps to keep you cool all the time. The 3D silicon printed club badge and the printed “Forever West” on the inner neck and its green V collar won’t go unnoticed by wearing this type of jersey.

Short-Sleeve Adult Jersey

Kappa is known for its style and comfort and this type of short sleeve jersey is no exception. This Kappa adult short sleeve jersey offers the ultimate protection against the harmful effect of UVA rays, and its high-tech fabric ensures the best protection and performance. The raglan short sleeves and the tapered v neck offer exceptional comfortability and enough freedom of movement. Moreover, the fabric has been specially engineered to offer enough breathability as it allows the air to pass freely so excessive perspiration can be easily avoided.

Real Betis Away Jersey

For real everyday comfort, Kappa has designed the Real Betis Away shirt which features a modern v-shaped neckline and short sleeves. It’s a very simple striking black soccer jersey with a bright green colour trim around the sleeve edges and neckline.

The sides of the jerseys are highlighted with the iconic Kappa Omini logo which is repeated multiple times. This is a slim fit design that features combat moisture management technology which makes this jersey ideal for soccer training and other sports use. As an official Kappa product, this jersey is perfect for highlighting your team’s allegiance.