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Steps of Cosification: How to Make Your Home the Cosy and Happy Place

“It’s not how big the house is, it’s how happy the home is”

What makes home a home? Home certainly represents something different for every individual, a place with different interior styles, furniture and colours, but what we can all agree on is a home is the place that’s supposed to be our safe haven. As such it’s meant to give us the optimal relaxation when we’re back from a busy day at work and have to regain the lost energy from being out and about all day; simply said it’s got to be the place we want to go back to. It’s not that rare that most of us start growing tired of our surroundings, but this happens mostly because we only arrange the interior décor for the sake of arranging.

living room ottoman

If you want to create the living nest that’s the embodiment of happiness, you have to amp up it’s cosiness. Though we don’t often see the relation, cosiness and organisation go hand in hand. You can’t have a cosy place if all you can see in your surroundings is clutter, cramming all of the area. Not only is such a space dysfunctional, it’s also bound to make you moody. A way you can avoid ending up one step away from becoming a hoarder without resorting to going the other way of the spectrum, becoming a minimalist, is by adding furniture pieces that are elegant and utilitarian, like the ottoman for instance.

While it’s perfect for keeping your feet up after a tiring day, an ottoman also lives up its purpose as extra seating, and even outlives it by also being used as a coffee table (just place a tray and presto changeo), and storage where you can place all your books, magazines, knick knacks or even kids’ toys. It saves you space and helps you make a statement; what more could you want in a furniture piece? Along with looking for more multi-purpose pieces, you have to look around and carefully consider whether the colours of your home are giving off a happy feeling. Familiar with it or not, the psychology of colours has a great effect on us, so a word of advice is to use warm colours.

While cool colours widen up a space, and sometimes give it a rather stale look, warm colours bring about a cosy and welcoming feeling. Interior colours (those of walls and furniture) go together with lighting, so you can’t go wrong by opting for warm lighting hues either and the lighting fixtures are an added bonus to your interior décor. Essentially, you can have further control over the tones of your rooms by having light dimmers so you can set the tone you want suitable for every occasion, bright for parties, and more romantic for a cosy dinner with your significant other. The finishing touch is to surround yourself with the things you love, those that have a sentimental value and remind you of beautiful moments.