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Steps to a Perfect Picnic With Your Baby

The sun is up and the weekend is approaching. You have no travel plans, but still, you don’t want to stay home and do chores all day. In that case, having a picnic is the best way to get a chance to commune with nature and spend quality family time. However, since you are taking your little bundle of joy with you, you need to carefully plan your picnic. It can easily turn into a disaster if you don’t take everything of essential importance with you. That being said, here’s a list of steps to make sure you take everything you need for your baby.


Step 1: Food

Babies are happy when they are well fed. Therefore, you need to pack your baby’s favourite food – the things you are certain he/she is going to eat. Don’t take food your baby is fussy about because a dissatisfied baby will surely ruin your fun experience. Also, keep things simple. Pack some simple things like finger food, sandwiches, apples, bananas, pears, grapes and prepackaged snacks that don’t require silverware. Also, don’t forget to take three bottles with you, one for formula (if your baby is formula fed), one for water and one for juice. You can get an extra one just in case.

Step 2: Baby Essentials

You should check twice before zipping the baby bag since leaving one item at home can be very nerve-racking at the picnic site. You need a carrier or stroller (depending on the terrain), clothes for changing, baby blankets, changing pad, diapers, baby shoes, baby hat, dummy and some toys. Also, don’t forget to take organic baby wipes as they can come in handy not only for diaper messes but also for sticky hands and faces. The reason why the word organic should be emphasized here is that us parents rely on wet wipes for so many things are if they’re packed with chemicals, this is not good news for a small child’s skin. The organic baby wipes, on the other hand, contain no harsh chemicals and are preservative, fragrance and alcohol-free. In addition, make sure you have bags with you to pack dirty things and to collect the garbage.

Step 3: Protection Against the Creepy-Crawlies

Insects are such a bore and they can dampen the spirits if someone gets bitten. Therefore, you should take an insect repellent suitable for your baby and a stronger one for you and other adults. You can also use a few tricks to keep the uninvited guests away. For example, you can put some water and sugar in a bowl and stir it until the sugar is dissolved and then put the bowl about 6 metres from your picnic blanket. The bees will leave you in peace. If you think that there might be ants causing trouble, just spritz some Listerine on the blanket before you leave your home.

Step 4: Pick a Good Spot & Check the Weather

When choosing the picnic site, make sure you pick a wide open area with safe surroundings. That way, your baby can be kept entertained as he/she will be able to watch and explore a safe area around you. Also, keep in mind that crowded spaces are a big no-no as too much noise can prevent the baby from taking a nap and a restless baby is not a good idea for a picnic. Moreover, you can check if there is a parking place near the picnic site and if there is a path available for strollers. Last, but not least, you should check the weather forecast and so that you are can be prepared and act fast if a sudden rain surprises you.

Enjoy, you deserve it!