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Steps to Choosing the Best Kroten Shoes for Travelling

Most of our travels include hours and hours of walking around airports, wandering around big cities and exploring new places. Since travelling well is as important as arriving, choosing the right shoes for the purpose essential. Whether it’s a business or leisure trip, you are going to need comfortable and weather-appropriate shoes.

Your travelling shoes should be your best buddies you can rely on during your whole trip. That being said, you need to opt for high-quality shoes, specially made for travelling and walking. Kroten Shoes tick all necessary boxes.

Why Kroten Shoes

The Kroten brand originated in Europe, and it was designed with the purpose to offer comfortable shoes for travellers and active walkers. The word Kroten means frog in German. The brand is a synonym of a lightweight, breathable and machine washable shoe.

kroten shoes

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Kroten shoes can be worn throughout the day for walking, travelling and seeing the sights, while at night you can wear them as a casual, comfortable shoe. If you are looking for functional and slip-resistant travelling and walking shoes, you can easily choose from their wide range and buy Kroten shoes online.

Travel Walker Mesh for Men

If you are planning to buy Kroten shoes online, you should know which models are trending as shoe champions. The Travel Walker Mesh sneaker is the perfect stylish and comfortable shoe addition to every men’ wardrobe. This model features a mesh upper with an adjustable bungee. It also features an abrasion-resistant toe cap to protect your foot throughout any activity.

Being completely breathable and adjustable, you can easily customise this sneaker to your unique fit. It’s orthotic-friendly, which means your feet are going to be protected through your daily walking activities. The Travel Walker Kroten sneaker also features rubber traction pads in high wear areas to provide slip resistance. You can easily find this model in navy blue, grey or black. You can wear them with sweatpants for a casual look, or combine them with loose pants or shorts for a more stylish appearance.

Harajuku for Ladies

The ultimate travel and casual model that ladies love is Harajuku. These sneakers feature a 3.5 rubber platform that adds sophistication and style to any outfit. The Harajuku upper is mesh, breathable and can keep your feet dry and safe for the whole day. Their reinforced heel counter and a cushioned padded collar keep your foot stable and secure while providing maximum comfort by preventing abrasions and blistering.

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With this orthotic friendly model, your feet can be protected from excessive walking. Durable, functional and slip-resistant, you can wear them almost every season. You can choose from different colours, including silver, burgundy, black and more to match your travelling outfits. It’s slightly higher platform makes them look as good with skirts and dresses as they do with jeans and sneakers.

Travel Walker Mesh for Ladies

This model is one of the most popular Krotens with the highest quality. Travel Waker for women may inspire you to walk and travel in blissful comfort this season. It features an abrasion-resistant toe cap and a reinforced leather heel counter which makes it stable and durable. The breathable mesh upper easily creates a healthy environment for your feet.

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When you’re not travelling, you can wear your Travel Walker with activewear or with cropped jeans and create an effortlessly casual look.

How to Clean Your Kroten Travelwalkers

I might be a good idea to start with washing the inner sole with mild laundry detergent. Then, you can remove the surface dirt such as mud or grit with an old toothbrush or nail brush. You can use a little warm water and mild detergent if needed. Another way is to place the shoes in a laundry/delicates bag, toss them in with your washing load and wash on a cold cycle. Make sure to dry your shoes naturally, away from the direct sunlight.

Useful Tips for Traveling

After a long day of walking, your feet may get sore, swollen or prone to blisters. Providing high-quality, comfortable shoes should be your number one priority, but there are a few other tips and tricks for more comfortable travel.

Good Quality Socks

Socks are more important for your feet health than you might think. With no socks or the wrong socks, your feet can suffer a variety of ailments, from blisters and fungus to fissures and associated infections. Quality socks, made of good fabric and the right kind of cushioning, can protect against some of this potential damage to the feet.

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If you are travelling to cold places, wool socks may be the best choice. Wool maintains its ability to keep your feet warm even when it gets wet. Cashmere and merino are top of the line for wool socks. Merino wool is a great choice due to its natural odour-fighting characteristics. In a warmer climate, bamboo socks can wick away sweat and keep your feet fresh.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has a variety of of household uses and health benefits, and one of them is that it’s an excellent feet deodorant. Simply sprinkle a little into your shoes before and after wearing them to reduce sweat, rubbing and odour.

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Blister Bandages

Although wearing good shoes should protect you from blisters and rubbing, packing blister bandages into your travel first aid kit might not be a bad idea. Blister bandages can be lifesavers in some situations.

Break-in Your Shoes

A good rule of thumb is not to wear your new shoes on your trip for the first time. Make sure to spend plenty of time wearing them before you travel, with the orthopedic inserts and socks you plan to use. This way, you can ensure that everything works together well, and you can avoid nasty surprises that can ruin your trip.