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Steps To Follow For Proper Use Of Crane Trucks

The crane trucks are some of the most commonly used lifting machines. They can be found in many industry sectors where lifting heavy items is required. What makes them so popular is their ability to move easily from one place to another. Their versatility and flexibility makes them vital machines in different industries, including manufacturing, construction and even in the transportation industry. There are different crane trucks on the market, and each model comes with specific configuration and specifications. You need to choose a model that will best suit your needs.


Like any other heavy-duty machine, knowing how to safely use the crane truck is vital for maximum productivity on the job site. The major benefit of these machines is their mobility, making them very useful in construction places where bigger cranes cannot perform. For safe operation, there are some steps that need to be followed. Consider the following things when using crane trucks:

Operator and Workers Safety – People who operate with crane trucks are considered as responsible for their own safety and for the safety of other workers on the construction site. They must be trained to operate a crane safely, so they can avoid any accidents. Because the operator manages all parts of the machine, it is important to have certain knowledge and skills.

Certification and Training – There are specially designed courses and training programs for those who what to operate crane trucks. In these courses, operators learn how to operate with different types of cranes and how to perform different crane operations. Before getting the certification, they also need to pass the practical and written examinations.

Computer Control – Most cranes available on the market are equipped with a computer in order to boost the lifting calculations. The operator enters information about the load like height and weight. The computer also displays the movement of the loads. This system informs the operator when the load surpass the lifting capacity.

Cab Operator’s Controls – If you ever get a chance to enter a crane cab, you will see that there are two separate joysticks. One joystick is used for controlling the side-to-side movements, while the other is used for the forward-and-back movements. On the bottom there are pedals which are used by the operator for controlling the lowering, raising and the rotation of the boom. For increased safety, the newest crane trucks come with radio control system that allows the operators to use the machine remotely from a safe distance.

Job Site Inspections – When it comes to safe operation, proper use isn’t the only consideration. Another thing that is also very important is the job site. You should check and clear the path where the crane truck is going to be used before moving a load. The overhead power lines should also be well insulated. This way, unwanted accidents can be avoided.