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Steps to Getting the Perfect Dazzling Smile That Leaves a Lasting Impression

Of course we don’t always look our best or have the time to take care of the outfit or accessories we wear as much as we’d like, but the truth is there’s much more to our appearance than just the creative process of matching clothing pieces. Certain people we meet don’t necessarily dress any special, yet we still have that lasting impression about them. When you’re trying to find their secret, don’t look further than their unforgettable smile. A smile is said to be the best accessory one can have since it immediately sets off a positive vibe as it lets people know how much of a pleasant and trustworthy person one can be, which is why it’s said to be helpful during job interviews and meetings.

healthy teeth

This is what makes the smile a worthy ace up your sleeve and not only that – the health of your smile affects your overall health considering each tooth is associated with a certain organ. Dentists recommend frequent check-ups, as frequent as every six months, because when you’ve not taken care of dental problems for long they can lead to serious health conditions, including heart attack, respiratory infections, diabetic complications and even dementia. However, even after you do everything the dentist has ordered you to, you still might not be satisfied by the overall look even if have no crooked teeth. The enemies of a bright smile can be your favourite coffee, tea and wine indulging, as well as pigment-rich fruits that can stain. Oh, and let’s not forget smoking. Try avoiding them whenever you can and follow the below mentioned steps for a perfect result.

Tooth whitening isn’t only reserved for the wealthy and glamorous celebrities anymore since it has become affordable and is the surest way of providing you with the desired outcome. The process relies on the use of patented technology enabling every step to be monitored on both upper and lower teeth whitening. It usually takes up to 75 minutes and the results are long-lasting. You also have the choice of doing the whitening at home yourself but prior to that you have to go through the two-step process of having the upper and lower impressions of the teeth followed by tray fitting. Put some gel on the trays, wear them every second night for two weeks and be amazed by your own pearly whites. Both options are effective, so it’s up to you to make the decision of the tooth whitening choice you prefer.


As mentioned prior in the article, food – spicy in particular, and beverages make a world of difference regarding brightness so it’s more than important to be mindful of what you eat. This is also decisive when it comes to the health of your gums. You can’t have a bright smile if you’re dealing with periodontal disease. The best way to prevent such inconvenience is by making sure you enrich your diet with plenty of antioxidants that are known for their successful treatment of inflammation.

Even if you do all the brushing after every meal, sometimes not all bacteria gets eliminated. Once it starts piling up, especially in hard to reach spots, tooth decay is not far behind. This is why you should be mindful of the toothpaste you use and include mouth rinsing as part of your basic dental hygiene routine. Your safe bet for both is opting for Birch Xylitol products. Dentists also root for xylitol because even though it’s a sort of sugar, it has significant effects for dental health. So much so that it can also help with the remineralisation process.