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Steps To Improve Forklift Safety

The forklifts are highly efficient machines for material handling operations, but they can also be extremely dangerous if not used properly. When it comes to safety, the forklifts require appropriate attention. Before using a forklift, you need to make a complete inspection so that any visible problem can be identified on time. Such inspection will guarantee that your forklift is in good working condition. The steps which are presented bellow can help you to ensure safe forklift operation on your job site. If you think that no one from your employees is capable enough to make the important checks, you can always relay on your forklifts Melbourne supplier. Below is a list of question that should be answered before using a forklift:


Steps to improve forklift safety:

  • Does the specifications provided from your forklift Melbourne supplier are suitable for your operating requirement?
  • Is there a clear forklift load chart?
  • Is there a speed control?
  • Does the proximity indicator, horn, flashing light and reversing beeper function properly?
  • Do you need to perform forklift maintenance regularly?
  • Are the forklift repair records well-maintained?
  • Is there enough fuel for continuous operation?
  • Is the forklift battery charged?
  • Are the tires well-inflated and in good working condition?
  • Is the pressure enough and safe?
  • Does the brakes, steering and gear control work well?
  • Are the mirrors available and clear?
  • Do all gauges and indicators work properly?
  • Are there any visible leaks?
  • Are oil, fuel, coolant and hydraulic levels enough?
  • Is the forklift equipped with portable fire extinguisher?
  • Does wearing a hard had is a must for the forklift drivers?
  • Should other protective equipment like ear plugs, safety shoes and eye goggles need to be worn?


Forklift operators safety:

  • Do forklift operators have forklift certificate or driving license for using forklift?
  • Does the operator understands the load chart?
  • Are the forklift operators provided with appropriate training?
  • Do forklift drivers follow the pathways correctly?
  • Do operators know exactly the workplace layout?
  • Does the driver knows the maximum speed?
  • Are operators or drivers in good health condition?


Before the forklift can be used, all these questions need to be closely revised and answered. If you give a ‘NO’ as an answer to some questions, you need to determine what you are missing. In order to ensure forklift safety, all these steps should be closely considered. For additional help, you can always contact your forklift Melbourne supplier. He will perform all the necessary checks for safe operation.