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Steps to Incorporating Rattan Decor Pieces into Your Home

A decorative element, synonymous for outdoor furniture, has started making its way back into the interior game – yes, I’m talking about rattan! As is the case with most trends, they come and go then resurge after a while. That’s exactly what happened with this trend too – back in the 70s of the previous century, it was very much the go-to choice for all-things furniture. Then, it somehow lost its spark and new trends overtook the spotlight.

After being the preferred option for balconies, terraces, backyards, patios and decks for a while, it’s finally taken the indoor spotlight back again in the form of various types of furniture and home decor pieces in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. The reason for this variety lies in both the strength and flexibility of the tropical vine-like plant that’s closely related to palm trees. So the outcome of creating furnishings with its pliable stems is pieces that are lightweight yet durable and can be stained and coloured just like any wood.

Nest lounge rattan furniture

Source: rattandecor.my

Though sometimes used interchangeably with the terms cane and wicker, they aren’t to be confused because cane simply refers to the rattan vine skin whereas wicker implies a type of woven construction, a weave and not a plant as the material. Read along to see just how stylish rattan can be and why it should become part of your abode too.

A Touch of Natural Texture

As it’s derived from plants, the furniture and home decor pieces alike have the natural and earthy appeal (more so if the rattan is in its natural colour) that’s bound to complement any room. Simply said, it brings the outdoors in!

Thanks to its subtle elegance, you can go as big or as small as you like in your choice of furnishings when introducing the material in your nest, from chairs, sofas and beds, to accents in the likes of room dividers, picture frames, bags, baskets, mirrors, planters, and pendant light fixtures.

A Match for Various Styles

Having in mind that goes seamlessly well with different design styles, you won’t have to worry about your existing style not being a proper match for rattan. Some examples where it would make the perfect addition are tropical, cosy chic, vintage, eclectic, contemporary as well as minimal and Scandinavian decor.

An Element to Tone Up or Down

As a material, it’s ideal for both casual and formal settings alike, even though it has a more relaxed vibe. It can be easily combined with the right set of accessories and furniture. For instance, its natural texture calls for more natural textures in the form of throws, cushions and rugs like those made of organic bamboo, cotton, and jute. If you want to make it seem more luxurious. opt for silk instead.

An Element with a Personal Twist

Rattan furniture and modern home decor accents made from it are eye-catching, which explains their huge comeback. But regardless of their great styles and designs, some people want to take things a step further and add their personal touch. The great news is you can do this easily with the help of fabrics and other furnishings. Moreover, you can change their paint yourself, undertaking a DIY project. You can do this either by spray painting or with a sponge brush, after cleaning the pieces first and using paint primers for a better result.

Rattan furniture with brown and blue pillows

Source: hommes.studio

Incorporating Rattan in Your Home

Now that you know a little bit more about it, the styles it goes with and the ways you can customise, here are some ideas on how to welcome rattan in your home décor.

Take it Slow – If you aren’t sure that rattan is the right choice for your home, try implementing bits of rattan décor. Add frames in the hallway, try separating the living room with a divider or use it to keep something out of sight stylishly. You can also hang up rattan mirrors in the bathroom and see how they integrate into your decor. Keeping it simple is better than going overboard with it and ending up with a home that looks outdated.

Choose the Right Colours – What you pair rattan furnishings with also matters, not only in the sense of designs but in colours too. Since rattan has a natural appeal, you can easily use any earthy tones with it without worrying you’d create any visual mess. In case you need some inspiration, the hashtag #rattanfurniture on Instagram features a huge range of photos that might inspire you.

Splurge on Greenery – Since it helps to bring more of the natural feel indoors, feel free to invest in greenery because plants combine extremely well with woven textures. You don’t have to get rattan planters to make the most of the combination, any décor accent or furniture piece that’s made from the material would look good when combined with greenery.