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Steps to Making Your Bedroom a More Comfortable Place

Yes, I’m sure the title has drawn you to read through the article simply because you are sure your bedroom is already comfortable as is, and you wonder what could possibly be done to increase it. Truth is, most of us usually give all our decorating and arranging attention to the living room, however, our bedroom deserves the same share (if not more). Home and comfort are inseparable, but when it comes to the bedroom, sadly, a bed isn’t enough to turn this room into the stress-free zone that’s supposed to provide us with the rest and beauty sleep.


Even if your bed is comfortable as is, you can never have enough cushions. Mind you, not just any cushions; to be able to make the most of comfort when you’re reading in bed, get a bed wedge – the embodiment of increased bed comfort. This ingenious design is also perfect for people suffering from acid reflux, and heartburn, as well as snoring, sleep apnea, and breathing problems, as it elevates the body in an ideal position. It’s exactly this position that also makes it perfect to rely on for people suffering from back pain and discomfort, as well as mummies whose enlarging baby bumps shorten them of quality sleep.

Apart from mindfully choosing your cushions, opting for a bed wedge specifically, the next step is to mindfully choose your bedding – yes, the bedding is just as important as the mattress! Since it happens often that we either spend sleepless nights in summer due to feeling too hot, or too cold in winter, along with having an air conditioner as your helper, you can also count on thermoregulating bedding, such as the organic bamboo option that’s also very soft on the skin, and hypoallergenic.

Comfort and mess don’t go well together, so this step is all about organisation. Making your bed every day is a must, but an unmade bed isn’t all the mess that can be ensued in this room. We often get in the habit of adding countless of things in the bed storage, or behind the bed, behind the ottoman, behind the vanity table, hang clothes all over the chairs, or lay them over the bed, ending up with another storage room instead.

This also means getting a hall tree if space allows it, or increasing the number of hangers, better organising your closet, and applying a bit of the minimalist philosophy – less is more. So, get rid of all the clothing, and things that could clutter up your bedroom.

And, of course, go nuts decorating, just make sure you don’t overdo it; moderation is key. Bedroom aesthetics plays a huge role when it comes to comfort, so if you want to turn this into a room that would be hard to part from (especially in the morning), use the charms of texture, colour, and patterns (that work harmoniously together, like neutrals) in the form of comfy, fluffy rugs, light-controlling curtains or shades, lighting, as well as plants you can place by your bedside .