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Steps to Organising a Bathroom and Maximising the Storage Space


A bathroom without the needed storage space can really be a bummer, more so if this happens to be the sanctuary in your home that you use for relaxation occasionally. It’s not that uncommon of a problem to be facing, especially not today when housing becomes smaller and smaller, and you’d be surprised to know even some minimalists can struggle with it so let this be some comfort for you. What I mean by this latter is that you don’t have to part with your belongings to make up the needed room. Instead, the issue would easily be solved by being more prudent with how you use the space you have at your disposal, and more specifically whether you use enough of the vertical space.

Focus on the Vertical

Cabinetry and shelving are great solutions you can count on nowadays to save up on floor space but if you’re up for getting something that’s both going to inject your bathroom with the right dose of stylishness and organisation then niches are one of the best choices, more so because the range of bath and shower niches for sale is wide in terms of price, size, colours and materials.


Given that it’s a room with moisture, it’s important to find the type of niches that are waterproof, such as those made of polystyrene and fibreglass. This is important so you acquire something that’s built to last and wouldn’t require much maintenance. In case you’re looking for a way to contribute to your own boosting of space great news is there are niches that can turn into an easy DIY project you wouldn’t need much DIY skills to achieve a quick and neat installation.

What makes them a better option than cabinetry is the fact they allow you to have your essential toiletries on display so you won’t have to waste time finding your shower cap, razor, lotions, candles for ambiance, shower speakers or even waterproof notepads for those brilliant shower ideas. Along with the shower niches for sale of course you can count on the simpler shower rods plus the cabinets and shelving in case your belongings increase, adding them anywhere in the bathroom, from above the sink and over the door to over the toilet and the corners.

If you want to tune in to your creative self and save up by inventing a shelf instead of buying one, you won’t need many supplies and materials to create an organiser yourself or even go as far as using an apron to hang your hair accessories and bottle caps as toothbrush holders inside your cabinet, for instance, that is unless you don’t mind the more practical and less chic appearance.


Look for the Space-Savvy Potential

In case you do, fret not as there are other budget-friendly ways to maximise your bathroom space. The answer lies in using your bathroom necessities as part of the decor as in the example of displaying your soaps in containers and jars that you can style up with some ribbons and pebbles.

Yes, it goes to being resourceful as far as using just about anything as storage and turn it into a work of art. Any kind of rack would do as long as it matches your taste, it could be a wine rack, shoe rack, as well as door knobs and hangers. Don’t forget the power of hooks, piles and piles of hooks installed everywhere, inside the cabinet, in between shelves, in the shower and on the door, as they don’t take up space and you’d have just what you need to keep towels neat. Most often, we forget about the importance of using up the space we have under the sink, and yes, this goes for free-standing sinks too as it’s easy to cover up the area with some rails and curtains to hide the items you’d store underneath so let this be an idea for you if you have this kind of sink.

Label Everything

Sure, you may not have to label stuff you keep in the shower niches for sale but anything that’s out of sight deserves to be marked, otherwise you run the risk of a storage mess even after all the organising work you’d invest in the bathroom.

Same as in a warehouse, it’s important to sort each and every item in groups, those you use every day and those you don’t use that often so you’d always have what you require at hand separate from the rest. This is essential especially for those individuals who are known for running late! If by any chance you have items that are difficult to find because of being so out of reach it’s advisable to get the help of lights – the bonus is they’d also add to the ambiance. It’s about using every inch of your bathroom wisely without it turning into a hassle, so hopefully we’ve inspired you to add some more than welcome change in your bathroom.