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Steps to Preparing Your Kid for the Countryside

    Have your children ever asked you where that tasty chocolate milk comes from? Many kids believe that chocolate milk comes from (brown) chocolate cows. Jokes aside, most children today don’t get to see farm animals like cows, horses and sheep. Have you considered taking your kids to the countryside to visit a farm? This can be a great way to let them learn right then and there where milk comes from, how farmers take care of the animals and observe how they roam freely around the green pastures.

    Here’s an idea – organise a day at the farm. Get some proper kids country shirts, trousers, boots and hats and hit the road. It would be a fun and active day for both you and your children. A day at a farm is the perfect idea if you want to give your kid a different kind of birthday party, or simply want them to learn more about the countryside and farm work.

    Check local farms and see if they offer organized visits for kids. They’ll spend a day outside, running, laughing and having the time of their lives. Here are a few steps you can prepare for the big day.

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    Get Appropriate Clothes

    It’s understandable that your kids don’t have little farm boots, a hat or any other attire appropriate for the conditions they’ll face out in the countryside. So, if you plan to spend the day at a farm, you need to dress your children accordingly. I don’t say this because they should be fashionable, but because they need to wear practical clothes and if they get dirty (and they will) you know they won’t ruin their other clothes.
    Before you go to the farm, check the weather and hit some country clothing shops.

    But just because country style clothes are sturdy and designed for all kinds of wear and tear, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable too. Let’s take kids country shirts for example. Like adult country style shirts, these mini shirts are usually plaid (red, blue, multi colours) to easily hide dirt stains. But that’s what also makes them cute and able to be paired with all kinds of other elements from jeans to cool hats and colourful cowboy boots.

    Speaking of which, a pair of good shoes is mandatory. Those lovely new white sneakers aren’t quite farm-friendly. Well, unless you want them to end muddy and green from the grass. You don’t have to go straight to the kid’s section of cowboy boots (unless you really want to), but you can get a pair of suitable shoes that would remain dry and would keep your kid’s feet safe and comfortable.

    It’s always smart to dress your kid in layers – pants, a shirt, kids farm shirt, a jacket. This way, your kid can remove one or two layers if the weather gets hot. And that’s why kids farm shirts are such a fun idea. The child can wear a t-shirt and a shirt on top, so if the weather gets warmer they can simply unbutton the shirt or even remove it as needed.

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    And since your child will spend most of the day outside, make sure you bring sunscreen along and apply it on their face, arms, neck and any other exposed skin. Don’t forget a cap or a hat, to keep your child’s head and face protected from the sun. If the weather is chillier, get them a beanie just in case. Pack a few pairs of high socks as well to keep warm and prevent dirt and bugs from getting inside.

    Check What Kind of Activities You Can Do

    Once you arrived at the farm, it’s time to check if they offer some fun activities. Some parents would prefer it if their children don’t do anything except watching the farmers work or maybe petting the smaller animals. However, if your kid gets to take part in an activity at the farm, they will remember this day for a long time. It would make the whole trip more interesting and fun.

    For instance, your child can help the farmers plant a garden for example. Or, if it’s not the season for planting, your kid can help pick some fruits or vegetables in a small basket. Don’t forget to take pictures of their happiness. Another great activity is horse riding (if they are old enough and if they aren’t scared). Some kids would love to groom the horses, so this is a great activity option as well. At the end of the day, it would be a good day even if your kid spends the time just enjoying nature and the fresh air while running and laughing.

    little girl riding on a horse

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    Show Your Kid How Organic Dairy Products Are Made

    Visiting a farm in the countryside is an excellent time for your child to see how farmers milk cows the traditional way. This is also a great chance for your kid (and you) to taste fresh, unprocessed milk. It would be a great and educational way for your kid to learn that milk doesn’t just come from the supermarket. If the farmers allow, your kid can try and milk the cow themselves.

    Let Your Child Feed the Animals

    Now, this would be an especially fun thing to do. No kid would refuse to feed the chicken with some corn or give a little hay to the cows and sheep. If you’re scared that things may go south, your kid may feed the smaller animals (lambs for example). Something tells me that you won’t be able to take them away from here.

    This will help your kid bond with better animals and learn that there are other species besides kittens and puppies. If your kid is a toddler or has just started kindergarten, this would be a great way to teach them what these animals are called.

    little boy feeding chickens on a farm

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    Let Your Child Pet the Animals

    If your child isn’t interested in feeding the animals (or if that is not allowed), they can always pet them. Ponies and lambs are small enough for kids not to feel afraid to approach them. Teach your kid that these aren’t pets, but that they can show them some love and affection. Please make sure that the farmers allow this kind of activity. The best way is to let your kid do this under supervision of course. Kids are playful, but animals too can get playful and, well, anything may happen.

    You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to surprise your child with a day at the farm. Dress them properly and let them explore the charms of nature, animals and life out in the country.