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Steps To Take To Prevent Injuries From Mobile Cranes

Working with mobile cranes is not an easy job. If not operated properly, the mobile crane can be extremely dangerous machine. Most crane accidents happen because workers forget to follow the safety tips and regulations. The mobile cranes are generally used for heavy construction and demolition activities. Because of that, the operators should know when and how to use the hydraulic boom, since it is not designed to withstand too much stress and pressure. A mobile crane must have a proper falling protective structure (FOPS ) in order to protect the operator and the near workers from falling objects. It’s extremely important to always check the condition of the mobile crane prior each use. Here are some safety tips when a mobile crane is used:


  • For ultimate protection on the construction site, the mobile crane should be operated according to the manufacturer’s load chart.
  • The mobile crane operators should know how to calculate the weight of each load. If the load is accurately calculated according to manufacturer’s manual, the chances for unexpected accidents are equal to zero.
  • A mobile crane operator should never measure the lift capacity of the crane by using visual signs.
  • When a mobile crane is used for lifting materials, the outrigger pads need to be placed on firm and stable surface. Cranes should be properly set according to the manufacturer’s procedures for proper outrigger deployment.
  • The mobile crane operators should always check the condition on the ground when they perform multiple lifts from one location to another. They must be sure that the crane is placed on a firm and stable ground.
  • Operators should never hoist or move suspended loads over workers within the swing radius of the mobile crane. They might lose control over the load and cause some serious injuries.
  • The work at the construction site can be very unpredictable. That’s why the operators should always take all safety measures before they start working with a mobile crane. One of the things operators must do is to barricade the area within the crane’s swing radius, and to stop unauthorized persons from entering the pinch points.
  • Kids under 18 are not allowed to operate a mobile crane, even when assisted by experienced operators.